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This is a transcript for dialogue with Happy Candlemaker.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 CandlemakerHellos 003F19AE Hello and merry Fasnacht to you!
2 003F19AF The rosy glow of many lanterns is a tradition of Fasnacht.
3 003F19B0 Only the finest craftsmanship goes into every candle dipped.
4 CandlemakerIdles 003EE372 Fasnacht lanterns cast light in a handy radius. Emotionless.
5 003EE373 Dipping candles is an old tradition. The wax is local.
6 003EE381 In the old country, Fasnacht lanterns were meant to poke fun at local people and situations.
7 003F19E9 Fasnacht lanterns light your path on the parade route.
8 003F19EA This unit manufactures each lantern and each candle in Helvetia.
9 003F19EB Dipping candles uniformly requires a delicate touch.
10 003F19EC Beeswax is ideal for candle dipping. Luckily Helvetia has bees a-plenty.
11 003F19ED It's dangerous for you to march without light. Your optical sensors are insufficient for the task.
12 003F19EE Let a handmade Fasnacht lantern be your guiding light.
13 003F19EF Take home a lantern to treasure forever and cast a soothing light on your belongings.
14 003F19F0 Careful! The wax is very hot. Damage to your exterior casing will occur on contact.
15 003F19F1 This unit is certified in Swiss traditional wax-dipping techniques.
16 MCGreetingsafterfirsttalk 00498876 Fasnacht Lanterns are unique, hand crafted items. Until I am restocked with beeswax from the Honey Haus hives, I cannot march. Will you help?
17 E01F_Fasnacht_CandlemakerToParadeStart 0046FB92 The beeswax supply is restored to capacity. Please accept my appropriately phrased and human-pleasing statement of gratitude.
18 0046FB9C This unit has arrived at the designated parade start marker. Hot-swapping exterior casing to festive mask.