Happiness is a gameplay mechanic in Fallout 4 which shows how satisfied settlers are in a settlement. Reaching 100% happiness in any settlement will reward the Benevolent Leader achievement/trophy.

How it worksEdit

Each settlement object provides some certain happiness bonus.

The system sums all bonuses and divides the sum by the number of settlers in your settlement. The result is added to the base 80% happiness.

For example, for making 100% happy 2 settlers you need total 40 bonus for your settlement (2*20=40). So for 2 settlers you can use: 1 tier 3 bar (bonus 40), or 1 tier 3 clinic + 1 junkyard dog (30+10), or 1 tier 2 bar + 1 tier 2 clinic (20+20), or 4 junkyard dogs(10*4), or 1 tier 3 clinic + 1 tier 1 general store (30+10), etc.

it is recommended that, if you're having troubles getting to 100% happiness, that you dismiss any companions to another settlement, as an issue with companions counting as a settler can arise.

Happiness sourcesEdit

Pommel Horse Weight Bench

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The table below lists the happiness given by stores at a given rank. For further details on how to craft these stores see the settlements article.

Type Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Food and drink 15 20 40
Clinic 10 20 30
Clothing 8 10 10
Trader 10 10 15


The table below lists the increase in happiness in a settlement by having a given animal live there.

Type Happiness
Junkyard dog 10
Cat 10
Gorilla 20

Note: the gorilla contributes both directly (by adding 20 points to bonus happiness) and indirectly (by adding 10 points to the settlement defense) to the total happiness of the settlement, so it's by far the best creature to have around if you want to make your settlers happy.