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Do I want to live in a madhouse? Well, it's better than being crammed in like sardines at Venture. De Silva out.De Silva's recon report

Hannah de Silva was a member of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia before her death in 2086.[1][2]


Squire De Silva was a good soldier. A staunch ally who never flinched in the face of danger. She was an unwavering friend. Her sacrifice will be remembered. This is our solemn duty to her.Maxson's eulogy for De Silva

An Appalachian native having grown up around the De Silva homestead, Hannah de Silva was a member of Taggerdy's Thunder, an elite United States Army Ranger unit under the leadership of Elizabeth Taggerdy. She bore the rank of private and was one of the unit's riflemen prior to the Great War.

After the War, she followed the rest of the unit in forming the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, attaining the rank of squire. She was instrumental in leading her unit to Camp Venture which would become the chapter's first stronghold in the region.[3] She seemingly took well to the transition to the Brotherhood, if only because she liked the new patch that came with it.[4]

De Silva's local knowledge again came in useful when she performed initial reconnaissance at Allegheny Asylum which would eventually become the chapter's headquarters.[5] She was also a key member of the reclamation efforts to prepare the asylum for Grant McNamara and the rest of the chapter to move in, even picking the name for the new headquarters, Fort Defiance.[6]

De Silva would eventually be killed during an operation to cull super mutants in the town of Huntersville in 2086[7] and was recognized for her service by Roger Maxson himself.[2] Her grave can be found in the Brotherhood graveyard south of Huntersville, with a note affixed to the marker under a scribe's hat bearing her rank, name and "Ad Victoriam."[8]


Hannah de Silva is mentioned only in Fallout 76.