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Hannah was the former love interest of Old Longfellow before converting to the Children of Atom.


Hannah was a girl who had lived on the Island. She was in a romantic relationship with Old Longfellow during his youth and the couple had planned a future together. One night, at one of their hideouts in the fog, they were ambushed by members of the Children of Atom. Old Longfellow was injured and Hannah was abducted. In the two months it took for Longfellow to recuperate and find her, Hannah was brainwashed and had converted to become a Child of Atom. Hannah was pregnant with Old Longfellow's child at the time but she miscarried, due to the radiation she worshiped, and she claimed that it was "Atom's will" for it to have happened. Hannah was killed by trappers some time afterwards.[1]


Hannah is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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