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Hank Madigan was a member of the Responders' Fire Breathers division and a former member of the Brotherhood of Steel before 2102.


Hank Madigan was a member of the Responders' elite Fire Breathers division, after having a falling out with the Brotherhood. At one time, he was caught at Raleigh Clay's bunker attempting to "figure out" one of the devices that had been set up there. He learned that the device was one that could lure and disorient a Scorchbeast long enough for a team of militants to eliminate it. Upon asking for proof of the device's capabilities, Clay told him that they were not willing to just share their discoveries with an ex-Brotherhood member, and that he had some serious trust to earn.[1] He was also told that the device would already be done if not for the Raiders of the Savage Divide, to which he responded that the Fire Breathers could deal with any raiders. Determined to earn the trust of Clay and to save Appalachia from the Scorched Plague, he attempted to broker peace between the Responders and the raiders at Top of the World and install the Scorchbeast lure, but he was tortured and killed instead. His corpse can be found in a steel cage near Rose. Although Madigan's attempts had not been in vain, as some years after his death, in 2102, the residents from Vault 76 defeated the Scorchbeast queen.

Hank Madigan is mentioned in the terminal entries of Abbie's bunker as having gone missing near the Top of the World with an uplink crucial to the Free States Scorched Detection System (S.D.S.).

He was also responsible for the discovery that depleted ultracite laced munitions could inflict heavy damage against the Scorched, after he recovered research from Atomic Mining Services.[2]


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Fire Breather uniform

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The name internally used by the game for this corpse incorrectly duplicates the name of Darion Jones.


Hank Madigan appears only in Fallout 76.


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