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If the problem with the world is factions endlessly fighting, endlessly at war, then what is the solution but to get rid of the factions? To make the world us. Only ours to shape.

Henry "Hank" MacLean, or Overseer Hank, is an executive assistant of Vault-Tec and former overseer of Vault 33 in the Fallout TV series. He is the father of Lucy and Norm MacLean. Following his abduction by Moldaver in 2296, Lucy leaves the Vault to rescue him.

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Hank MacLean, portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan, serves as the overseer of Vault 33 in the Fallout TV series, and is the father to characters Lucy and Norm.
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In the Fallout TV series, Hank MacLean, the overseer of Vault 33, is the father of two children: Lucy and Norm.
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In the Fallout TV series, Hank MacLean is the overseer of Vault 33, located in former Santa Monica, Los Angeles. His children, Lucy and Norm, live in the Vault, which is in the Los Angeles Boneyard, a founding state of the N. The Vault has living quarters, mess and crop fields, and a radroach infestation across different sub-levels. In 2296, Lucy undertakes a rescue mission from Vault 33 to save Hank.
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Hank was born sometime before the Great War and began working for Vault-Tec Corporation as an executive assistant to Barb Howard. He was a fan of Cooper Howard and once asked him for an autograph.[1] According to Cooper, in a later confrontation, Hank would sometimes pick up Barb's dry cleaning.[1]

Hank entered cryonic sleep on the eve of the Great War as one of "Bud's Buds," a group of Vault-Tec employees chosen by Bud Askins for Vault 31.[1] He was released from cryonic sleep on August 9, 2268. After he was sent to Vault 33, he was elected overseer in 2271 and served in that role until his kidnapping by Lee Moldaver in 2296.[2]

As per Vault 32's and Vault 33's directives to be breeding pools for Vault 31, Hank met a woman, Rose, who was born in a Vault and never saw the surface. He had two children, Lucy and Norman, with her. Upon learning that someone was siphoning some of the Vault's water production, Rose deduced that civilization had re-emerged on the surface. Hank pointedly forbade this line of questioning, prompting Rose to become suspicious of him.

Rose fled to Shady Sands with their children, leading him to tell Vault-Tec. Vault-Tec eventually dropped a nuclear bomb on the city in the early 2280s. This was done to erase factionalism, which Hank believed was a blight on their world, and to ensure the world could be remade according to Vault-Tec's ideals. While Norm and Lucy were returned to the Vault before the blast, Rose was left on the surface and became a ghoul, presumably due to radiation from the blast.[1]

Hank would lie to his children, telling them as they grew up that Rose died during a Vault famine in 2277. In a conversation with The Ghoul, Lucy initially defends her father, claiming he had even dropped to 128 pounds during this famine. She further insists Hank (along with all the other residents of Vault 33) would soon rather starve than resort to cannibalism. However, the Ghoul expresses his skepticism about this. Nonetheless, the veracity of these claims has not yet been confirmed.

Lucy and Hank experimenting

Lucy and Hank doing a science project

Hank has a knack for science and exceptional people skills, both of which are helpful to his role as overseer; in fact, it is such that he is the "glue" that holds their community together. He believes it is the shared duty of every Vault dweller to keep the candle of civilization lit.[3] He enjoys gardening, watching movies, and book club with his daughter.[4]

Fallout TV series[]

The End[]

In 2296, Hank organizes a trade with Vault 32 of supplies for a breeder named Monty to marry his daughter Lucy. Hank gives a speech blessing Lucy and Monty and mentions their children will likely be able to reclaim the surface.

FOTV Trailer 1 47

Hank speaking to Lucy before he is abducted

The Vault 32 residents turn out to be a group of raiders and attack Vault 33's residents. During the fight, Hank saves Lucy and drowns Monty to death. Hank and Lucy then find the Vault 33 residents held hostage. He said he thought he knew who Lee Moldaver was, and she replied everyone knew who she was. Moldaver offers Hank a vague choice between Lucy and the vault dwellers, although it is unclear if she meant to be killed or held prisoner. Hank chose to shove Lucy into a room and told her she was his world. Hank was tranquilized by the raiders and kidnapped from Vault 33.[4]

The Beginning[]

Lucy enters the Griffith Observatory and finds her father trapped in a giant cage. However, Moldaver begins exposing Hank's atrocities, and Hank desperately tries to convince Lucy that she is lying. This does not work for Lucy, who is emotionally upset and believes in Moldaver. Lucy demands her father give Moldaver the code to cold fusion, which he reluctantly does, and she activates it. However, the Brotherhood of Steel arrives to attack, and Moldaver leaves to defend the base of the New California Republic.

The Brotherhood gained the upper hand, and Hank was released from his cage by Maximus, but Lucy revealed to Maximus that her father was responsible for the bombing of Shady Sands. Infuriated, Maximus attacked Hank but was knocked out by him, as Hank had already entered some power armor he had removed from a knight's body. Lucy then held her father at gunpoint, but he did not believe she would shoot him. The Ghoul entered and shot at Hank, asking Hank where his family was. Hank did not reply, instead turning around to escape using the power armor.

He was last seen walking in the desert several miles away from New Vegas.[1]

Notable quotes[]

  • "I had to make a choice. Between their violent world and our peaceful one. And I believe, Lucy, I know I made the right choice."


Hank MacLean appears only in the Fallout TV series episodes "The End" and "The Beginning", and his voice can be heard in "The Trap." While Hank appears only in two episodes, Kyle MacLachlan is credited as part of the main cast for the episodes he appears in.



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