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The Hangdogs were a tribe formerly living outside of Denver, Colorado before being absorbed into Caesar's Legion.


When Caesar's Legion arrived at Denver, the Hangdogs resisted them like most other tribes, and fared better than most. Eventually however, they surrendered to Legate Lanius when he began burning their dogs alive. The tribe's elders could not bear the thought of their spirit animal burning in the afterlife, so they submitted to Caesar. After they were integrated into the Legion, Caesar, seeing how useful the Hangdogs' talents were in taming dogs, made the male members of the tribe the houndmasters of the Legion, specializing in training and taming the Legion mongrels.[1][2]



The Hangdogs are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on Lonesome Road.


  1. The Courier: "How did you end up joining the Legion?"
    Antony: "When the Legion showed up, we fought, most tribes did. Hangdogs hung out longer than most... broke us by throwing our dogs on the fire. So we gave up, our elders couldn't bear the idea of our spirit animals burning in the afterlife. Still, Caesar was impressed enough to conscript us, use our skills with dogs to join the Legion as houndmasters."
    (Antony's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "Who is Legate Lanius?"
    Ulysses: "Lanius... the 'Butcher.' Monster, Terror of the East. Not even his slaves have seen his face - struck them blind so they can't. Wears a mask, don't even know if it's the same man. He put Colorado to the sword, broke the Hangdogs by throwing their hounds upon the flames, so they might burn forever in the afterlife."
    (Ulysses' dialogue)