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Hold on there... don't take another step. No telling how far down that goes.Paulson, warning the Lone Wanderer about the hangar bay leading into space.

The hangar is a location on board Mothership Zeta in 2277.


The hangar is the part of the ship where smaller spacecraft enter and exit Mothership Zeta. Upon entering, one will notice a pylon energy field holding the remains of Recon craft Theta. Within the hangar is one of the generators that must be destroyed as part of the Among the Stars quest. If the player character has requested his help, Paulson will follow them into this area. Once reaching the control center and activating a button, an alarm will go off alerting the aliens to the player character's presence. Thus begins a battle using the gravity beams that hold up Recon craft Theta. The upper level of the hangar includes a console with five buttons; each button causes a pair of the beams to emit bursts of energy that send the aliens and their drones flying.


  • This is one of many areas of the ship that will not be accessible after completeding This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough....
  • Due to the sheer number of enemies in one area, most of the bodies will have disappeared after the main battle. This makes it almost impossible to loot all of the bodies before they disappear.
  • If the player character is standing next to one of the pylons as the Recon craft comes in (and it hits the pylon), a burst of energy will send them flying.


This hangar appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.


PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 In the generator room at the 'end' of the area there is an inactive teleporter, if the player character looks through this teleporter, they may actually get a 'Search alien' prompt and be able to loot this seemingly nonexistent body. On some playthroughs, if the Pip-Boy light is turned on, the gore of an alien body can be seen.[verified]