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Handy Eats is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287, part of the General Atomics Galleria.


Like the rest of the General Atomics Galleria, the staff of Handy Eats is made up exclusively of robots. They were programmed following three basic principles: "Serving you is our code!", "Food is fresh, fast, and flavorful, or it's free!" and "Robotic precision yields dining perfection!."[1] The programmer responsible for implementing these principles, Isaac, warned his co-worker Cory that they were prone to miscalculations and prioritization failures.[2]


A one-room diner entirely run by two Mister Handies, with several booths, except one, that is filled with skeletons that the waitron will continuously refer to as "customers." The other side of the diner features Cook Handy who has a bar situated around him with various food items and a cash register, with a back door behind him which leads to a small patio and walkway.

Notable loot


Before reporting to The Director, the robots will attack the Sole Survivor if they are seated by the waitron and the speech check dialogue option is failed.


Handy Eats appears only in Fallout 4.