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A hand grenade is a thrown weapon that appears in all of the Fallout games. Most contain explosives designed to inflict damage in a wide blast radius by the fragmentation of their outer cases. Other types of grenades are used to disperse chemical or gas agents, ignite targets or materiel, cause electromagnetic pulse waves, release clouds of ionized plasma, stun targets with bright flashes of light and/or loud sound or create smoke as a means of concealment. Due to their varied nature, different grenade models may be more effective against some targets, and less effective against others.

Chemical and gas models

HalluciGen gas grenade.png

Chemical gas grenades utilize some form of chemical reaction or chemical gas agent, like poison gasses, chemical smoke or intense heat and flames, to deliver their intended purpose.

Fragmentation models

Fragmentation grenade (Fallout 4).png
Main article: Frag grenade

Frag grenades are small hand-thrown bombs. They contain a dense core of high explosives encased in a metallic body designed to fragment upon detonation.

Nuclear models

Nuclear grenades produce a very low yield nuclear explosion when detonated. Due to the size of the blast, great care must be taken to avoid injury when utilizing this type of grenade.

Mini-nuke grenade


The grenade is all the power of a mini nuke, packed into a hand-held explosive device. Only one exists in the entirety of the game.

Plasma models

Plasma grenade (Fallout 4).png
Main article: Plasma grenade

Plasma grenades release a burst of ionized plasma gas when detonated, rather than the typical explosion propelling fragments of normal hand grenades.

Pulse models

Fallout4 Pulse grenade.png
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Electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, hand grenades create a powerful magnetic field that induces high currents or voltages in the effected radius, damaging electrical circuits or disruption their function.

Stun models

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Stun grenades, also known as flash grenades or flash bangs, are non-lethal grenades used to disorient and distract targets by producing a blinding flash of light and loud sound, without causing permanent damage.