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A ham radio is a small radio transceiver popular among amateur radio enthusiasts.


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Amateur radio began as a popular hobby and disaster relief service in the 1940s and 1950s in North America and remained a popular past time up until the Great War. Few radio stations are active by default. Some of the transmitter towers upon which the ham radio stations rely on for range have been shut down but despite the passage of time, many of these units are still functional.

Active transmitter towers are distinguishable by their tall, spindly structure which is easily spotted. Most towers have a transformer station either directly at their bases or nearby. Typically, one of the transformers will have a breaker box attached, or one will be mounted in a control cabinet nearby. Throwing the breaker will reactivate the broadcast.

Ham radios broadcast a signal that serves as a beacon to lead the player character to another location. The signal received by one's Pip-Boy is not sent from the above-ground tower, but rather from the actual ham radio unit itself. These transmitters can be found in various sheltered locations, such as drainage cisterns, tunnels, or caves. The broadcast will become more clear as one moves closer to the ham radio unit and conversely, turns to static and fades out completely as one moved farther away. The player character can turn the ham radio off once they reach it, which stops the broadcast. Ham radios are indestructible and cannot be added to the inventory.


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Finding ham radios, one can turn them on to hear the following:

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