HalluciGen, Inc. terminal entries are a series of entries found on seven terminals in the HalluciGen, Inc. building in Fallout 4. The research terminal and CEO's terminal are locked, the rest are not.

Reception terminalEdit

[Procedure: Test Subject Intake]Edit


HalluciGen Test Subject Intake Procedure
v.1.35, 8/12/77

- Request ID. Cross-check with the day's test schedule. Verbally confirm that the visitor is a test subject, not a client.
- Offer refreshments.
- Instruct subjects to fill out intake forms 12-A through 12-H. This should allow sufficient time for the sedatives in the water to take effect.
- Notify the appropriate lab personnel.
- When instructed, complete from 12-I (dismissal), 12-J (accident report), or 12-K (fatal accident report).

[Procedure: Chemical Emergencies]Edit


HalluciGen Chemical Emergency Procedure
Version 1.00, 3/15/76

In the unlikely event of a major chemical leak:
- Executive staff should evacuate immediately.
- Science staff should terminate any ongoing experiments. If test subjects are present, the lab manager shall determine whether to lock down the test chambers or evacuate them.
- Clerical staff should escort executives to safety, then evacuate.

Due to HalluciGen's in-building air recycling system, chemical agents may take days or weeks to disperse naturally. Do not attempt to reenter the building until cleared to do so.

Research terminalEdit

[Activate Current Prototype]Edit


Accessing prototype device... done.
Verifying build integrity... complete.

Commencing test. Please take appropriate safety precautions.

[View Current Prototype Details]Edit


Prototype ID: Supressor
Firmware: v0.062.101
Electrical Output: 1450V/0.6A/500J
Status: ACTIVE

Product Object: Non-lethal target suppression via electrical discharge.

[View Lab Reports]Edit

[Lab Report: HalluciGen Gas]Edit


Test Protocol: 59-211-01
Product: HalluciGen Gas
Goal: Riot Pacification
Delivery Vehicle: Type-II Fragmentation Grenade
- 2/5 injured by grenade explosion (1 seriously).
- 5/5 suffered traumatic adrenal gland rupture due to gas exposure, resulting in hallucinations, erratic behaviour, increased aggression (frenzy).
- 4/5 killed in ensuing melee.
- 1/5 died due to heart failure.

Similar to previous tests. At the concentrations required for wide-area dispersal, massive adrenaline surges occur. Recommend revising the chemical substrate.

[Lab Report: Irradicator]Edit


Test Protocol: 27-391-04
Product: HalluciGen Irradicator
Goal: Field Decontamination
Delivery Vehicle: Class-IV Ventilators (x4)
- 49/50 biochemical contaminants neutralized.
- 3/3 subjects suffered lethal doses of radiation.
- Test chamber heavily irradiated. All panels and insulation replaced.

Consider reclassifying for lethal weapons research. Irradicator power supply requires further development; current 2-ton weight unsuitable for field deployment.

[Database Network: ONLINE]Edit


Database Network
Status: ONLINE

Main Menu

For your safety, this database is now property of the Brotherhood of Steel.
- Ad victoriam

Accounting terminalEdit

[Third Quarter Financials, Draft 1]Edit


HallucigenIcon sic, Inc. Releases Third Quarter Financials
*Draft 1 - Not for Public Release*

HalluciGen, Inc. reported a net operating loss of $1.8 billion for the third quarter.

HalluciGen, now in its third year of operation, aspires to be the world leader in cutting-edge nonlethal technology for police and military use.

HalluciGen President and CEO Eric Rice stated:
"This has been a difficult quarter, with significant delays in several major product lines. Nonetheless, we remain optimistic about the potential of our research, and hope to achieve a positive cash flow within the next two years."

[Third Quarter Financials, Draft 2]Edit


HallucigenIcon sic, Inc. Releases Third Quarter Financials
*Draft 2 - Not for Public Release*

HalluciGen, Inc. is pleased to report third quarter revenue of $1.1 billion.

HalluciGen, now in its third year of operation, aspires to be the world leader in cutting-edge nonlethal technology for police and military use.

HalluciGen President and CEO Eric Rice stated:
"Our long-term contracts have provided us with a strong financial foundation. In the current global political climate, we expect a tremendous demand four our products in the months and years ahead."

Observation room terminalEdit

[Procedure: Observation Lab]Edit


HalluciGen Observation Lab Procedure
v.2.25, 6/22/77

- Greet VIPs.
- Introduce HalluciGen, relevant products.
- Activate automated demonstration system.
- Observe automated demonstration. When malfunctions occur, trigger a different demonstration to switch focus.
- In the event of catastrophic failure, or immediately following tests of the Irradicator, escort VIPs to the conference room for a marketing presentation.
- Clear labs of test subjects, blood, fluids.
- After a test of the Irradicator, notify Facilities to replace the test chamber.

CEO's terminalEdit

[Appointment Calendar: 10/25/77]Edit


Appointment Calendar for
Monday, October 25th, 2077

09:00 - Senior staff briefing
10:30 - Review third quarter financials w/ Paul
11:00 - Lunch w/ Damien
12:30 - Human Subjects protocol review w/ Dr. Everill, Ethics Review Board. (Offer water)
14:00 - Greet VIP: Col. Thomas Nelson, US Army (SCYTHE)
14:30 - Review slides for procurement conference
16:00 - Post-demo sales meeting w/ Col. Nelson

[ > Safe Control]Edit

Mainframe access terminalEdit

[Mainframe status]Edit


1/10 Servers: Normal
4/10 Servers: No Response / Disconnected
5/10 SerrversIcon sic: Critical Failure

1 Administrator(s) and 0 User(s) are active.

WARNING: Critical system failures have been detected. Replace the affected machines as soon as possible to prevent data loss.

[Master Password Reset]Edit

Available after opening all lab doors and enabling the lockdown. Adds the HalluciGen master password to the player's inventory.


Resetting all passwords on the network... done.

All terminal passwords have now been reset to: Admin-3.

Development lab terminalEdit

[10/25 - Test Results: InvisiWave]Edit


Test Results
Product: InvisiWave
Date: 10/25

Third test a complete success. Admiral was impressed, inquired about shipboard installations.

DM: Your 'InvisiWave' is five mirrors, two hacked Stealth Boys, and a trap door. Makes for a splashy demo, but you really crossed the line this time. Sales wants two hundred units by December. Good luck with that.

[10/21 - Test Results: Irradicator]Edit


Test Results
Product: Irradicator
Date: 10/25Icon sic

All biological and chemical contaminants destroyed. Subject and test chamber received 5100 rads radiation. Observers left the viewing room before subject's skin disintegrated. Test chamber stripped and reconstructed.

DM: So you've build a two-ton machine that irradiates people? What part of a 'hand-held field decontaminator' did you not understand? Points for getting the VIPs out before things got messy, though.

[10/18 - Test Results: Dispersant]Edit


Test Results
Product: Dispersant
Date: 10/18

Subject survived test, failed to recover from treatment. Ran screaming at sight of own child in waiting room. Police still in pursuit.

Update: 10/20: Apprehended. Subject institutionalized.

DM: Dispersant is supposed to *stop* riots, not start them. This entire line of research is a joke. I'm transferring the project to Karyn. Send her your files and destroy your samples. Then clean out your desk.

[10/18 - Test Results: HalluciGen Gas]Edit


Test Results
Product: HalliciGen Gas
Date: 10/18

Despite new formulation, gas still caused traumatic adrenal gland rupture and frenzy in 4/5 subjects. One survived initial exposure and began to acclimate before being beaten to death by the other subjects.

DM: Adjust dosage, retest. At least this is making progress. If marketing would just position this as a military-grade chemical weapon, we'd be done here. Would make a good grenade or artillery shell.

[10/17 - Test Results: Suppressor]Edit


Test Results
Product: Suppressor
Date: 10/17

Subjects successfully incapacitated. Paralysis appears to be permanent. Transferred to Medford Memorial for monitoring.

DM: You were the LEAD ENGINEER on the damn Mesmetron, and you can't even get crowd pacification right? With one of your own prototypes to reverse-engineer? What, did they mezz you on the way out? You're the highest-paid researcher here. I expected better.

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