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The Halloween fright farm is an unmarked location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.[1] It is situated near Fissure site Sigma, southwest of the Pumpkin House.


Before the Great War, this farm brought in visitors looking to get into the Halloween spirit. It grew both corn and pumpkins, and had tractor rides and other fall activities to entertain its guests, including a photo booth. A small ticket shed on the property served as the entrance for its visitors.


The Halloween fright farm is southwest of and across the street from the Pumpkin House. There is a large parking lot facing the ticket booth, which has some assorted junk inside. The farm itself has several tractors, hay bales, and skeletons around the property.

The pumpkin patch is on the right-hand side of the farm, while corn grows near a fenced-in Halloween-style graveyard. Across from the ticket booth is a fence with several Halloween decorations such as coffins against it, and a camera and standing light are set up to take photos (though it cannot be interacted with).

Fissure site Sigma is located to the immediate west of the farm, and the location may be occupied by Scorched as well as scorchbeasts.

Related quest

  • Trick or Treat?: Jack O' Lantern will highlight the area surrounding the Halloween fright farm on the player character's map, as a source of pumpkins to collect.


The Halloween fright farm appears in Fallout 76.



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    33. Halloween Fright Farm A small ticket shed and some Halloween-themed farm fields, though the real terror is the nearby fissure."
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