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The Hall of Congress is the seat of the NCR Senate, located in the heart of NCR town.


As the most important command center in the New California Republic and a symbol of the democratic style government that NCR represents, the heavily guarded Hall of Congress houses many important individuals and offices within. Official statements are made from the hall, which serves as a centralized location for gatherings. In 2189, the vote to form the New California Republic passed and it was at the hall that a crowd gathered to celebrate and hear President Aradesh give a speech to commemorate the occasion.[1]


The hall is the largest and most important building in the town. Both President Tandi's office and the Congress Assembly Hall are located here. A statue of the Vault Dweller stands near the building, depicting him proudly stepping towards a brighter future. The Presidential Mansion is also situated across from this building, with its own large contingent of security forces.


The Hall of Congress appears in Fallout 2 and is mentioned in Fallout 4. It would have been mentioned in the canceled Fallout 3 project Van Buren.

Behind the scenes

In the Van Buren design documents, the Hall of Congress was razed to the ground. A man named Goddard suspects his colleagues Victor Presper and Coleridge had some level of responsibility for the attack.[2] The congressional building's destruction was a significant upset to the Republic and traffic was slowed so far as to prevent Agnes from reaching the Hoover Dam in under a year.[3] Angered by this, Agnes reported to Goddard that Presper and Coleridge had the building evacuated right before it was destroyed, confirming his suspicions and leading him to confront Presper on his role in its destruction.[4]



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