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This is a transcript for dialogue with Hal Gleeson.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0042F31C 0042F4A5 Oh... oh shi... Oh shit. She realizes that the collar was not in fact disabled. She's cut off as the collar explodes.
2 0042F31D 0042F48D Heh, see you indeed. Fuck you, Sargento! She thinks her explosive collar is disabled and she's getting out of here.
3 0042F31E 0042F4D9 As for our former champion, sorry Maximum Maddie, but your performance tonight was disappointing.
4 Y'all in the splash zone know what that means. See ya!
5 0042F31F 0042F4F0 Congratulations to their owner, Reginald Humphries! You're gonna eat well tonight, ain't ya? High energy.
6 0042F320 0042F4BE They may have entered the ring as the Septic Survivor, but they're leaving it as our one and only Ultimate Survivor! High energy
7 0042F4BF They may have entered the ring as the Atomic Avenger, but they're leaving it as our one and only Ultimate Survivor! High energy
8 0042F321 0042F46A Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! High energy, like a wrestling announcer.
9 0042F322 0042F488 We hope to have the turrets targeting all contestants next time, or else I can tell you who Carl's opponent will be, isn't that right, Jimmy? High energy, threatening another one of his underlings.
10 0042F323 0042F540 It's our most brutal match yet, where two contestants must fight to the death while being targeted by automated turrets! High energy
11 0042F324 0042F49D Remember to come back next week for our brand new Bullet Hell match, featuring a new contender, and former tech guy, Carl "The Wizard" Madeiros! High energy. He's volunteering his tech guy, whom he thinks screwed up.
12 0042F325 0042F4B5 Let's hear it for the Septic Survivor! High Energy
13 0042F4B6 Let's hear it for the Atomic Avenger! High Energy
14 0042F326 0042F462 I don't know what to say, folks: the Bullet Hell match wasn't supposed to be until next week! Ah... well, here's a sneak peek! High energy Wrestling announcer
15 0042F327 0042F4D0 Time for me to get the hell out of here. Said as he's leaving. It should sound like he's cutting and running, and not intentionally addressing the crowd here.
16 0042F328 0042F49E Well shit. That ain't good. Every man, woman, and slave for themselves! Kill this asshole and get a nice fat reward!
17 0042F329 0042F451 Huh. Looks like the newbie figured out how to disable our little collar. Send in the firing squad! Surprised, drops the Wrestling announcer persona a little bit
18 0042F32A 0042F4B7 Y'all in the splash zone know what that means. See ya, newbie! High energy, like a wrestling announcer.
19 0042F32B 0042F4D1 With the worst time on the board, it looks like the Septic Survivor ain't much of a survivor after all. High energy, like a wrestling announcer.
20 0042F4D2 With the worst time on the board, the Atomic Avenger won't be avenging anything. High energy, like a wrestling announcer.
21 0042F32C 0042F474 Well, that's too bad. High energy, but a little disappointed.
22 0042F331 0042F4B1 Come on, let's make some noise! High energy.
23 0042F332 0042F45F Folks, it's rare we get a newbie that can hold their own, especially during an elimination match like we have tonight! High energy
24 0042F333 0042F4C8 The Septic Survivor returns to the arena for the final round. High Energy
25 0042F4C9 The Atomic Avenger returns to the arena for the final round. High Energy
26 0042F334 0042F4E4 This is it, folks! Time for our last competitor to come on out and prove their worth! High energy wrestling announcer
27 0042F335 0042F482 Can this newbie prove themselves against our more seasoned vets? High energy.
28 0042F336 0042F50D Our newest contender is back in the arena for round two! Let's see how they tackle this next challenge! High Energy wrestling announcer
29 0042F337 0042F4F5 Can the Septic Survivor keep up the pace? We'll find out! High energy wrestling announcer
30 0042F4F6 Can the Atomic Avenger keep up the pace? We'll find out! High energy wrestling announcer
31 0042F338 0042F445 After a strong showing from Maximum Maddie, and a good run from Deathklaus, it's time for our final fighter to come out. High energy wrestling announcer
32 0042F339 0042F4A4 Haha, Good luck! Amused at the audience response. High Energy
33 0042F33A 0042F457 <audience cheering> No VO
34 0042F33B 0042F4BD Now being forced to fight for survival like an animal. How's that for a cold dose of reality! High Energy, trying to elicit cheering
35 0042F33C 0042F469 <audience boos> No VO
36 0042F33D 0042F4D8 Word is they were holed up, living in a cushy vault for twenty-five years while the rest of us adjusted to Wasteland life. High energy, disapproving of the player, trying to elicit booing from the audience
37 0042F33E 0042F4EE Now let's all put our hands together for our newest contender, the Septic Survivor! High energy like a wrestling announcer
38 0042F4EF Now let's all put our hands together for our newest contender, the Atomic Avenger! High energy like a wrestling announcer
39 0042F33F 0042F487 We're back and ready to rock, folks! High Energy like a wrestling announcer.
40 0042F340 0042F53F Not a great showing from Nuclear Don, who is currently in last place. How will our next competitor stack up? Let's bring them out! High Energy, like a wrestling announcer
41 0042F341 0042F49C Oh! What a disappointing end to one of our favorite combatants! High energy, like a wrestling announcer
42 Sorry to say, folks, but the Ghoulden Boy has been reduced to mere ghoul chow today. High energy, like a wrestling announcer
43 We just need to take a short intermission to clean up the mess, folks. High energy, like a wrestling announcer
44 Feel free visit our concession booth, grab some dirty water, or whatever meat we've got on a stick today! High energy, like a wrestling announcer
45 0042F342 0042F527 You just have to admire the tenacity! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
46 0042F528 Wow! I didn't see that coming! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
47 0042F529 Oh! That's going to hurt come tomorrow! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
48 0042F52A I can't look! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
49 0042F52B What a move! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
50 0042F52C Well that one's not getting back up anytime soon! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
51 0042F52D Ooh, close! But you're going to have to try harder than that! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
52 0042F52E Folks, I've never seen anything like that before! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
53 0042F52F Whoa! What a turnaround! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
54 0042F530 What?! Can you believe that?! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
55 0042F531 Ooooh, that looked like it hurt! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
56 0042F532 How can you miss television when you've got entertainment like this! And for those of you too young to remember TV, you're not missing anything! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
57 0042F533 Ooooh! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
58 0042F534 That looks like it hurts! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
59 0042F535 Oh! Oh no! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
60 0042F536 Folks, you may want to look away! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
61 0042F537 What are they doing down there? Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
62 0042F538 This fighter's just full of surprises! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
63 0042F539 It never gets old! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
64 0042F53A I didn't know it could bend that way! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
65 0042F53B Brutal! Full of energy, like a wrestling announcer.
66 0042F343 0042F4CA It's what I do. Now you understand why Meg keeps me around. Confident, if not downright cocky.
67 0042F356 0042F4ED Back to the Crater then, shall we?
68 0042F359 0042F53E Hey, here's your caps, by the way. Thanks for letting me sell you into servitude.
69 0042F360 0042F461 Meg knows she needs me. So now you get to decide whether I'm worth it, or if we call this whole thing off.
70 0042F362 0042F4CF Before we go, there's one small matter we should discuss.
71 I want you to tell Meg I get a fifty percent cut of the gang's share of the vault loot, or I walk. He's playing hardball.
72 0042F363 0042F473 Okay.
73 0042F365 0042F4E9 Easy. Don't ever try to pull any shit with me like Hal did and you'll never have to worry about me pulling a trigger in your face.
74 0042F367 0042F4E3 It was purely personal. Hal crossed me. I had to be the one to do him in, not some two-bit wanna-be Roman emperor like Sargento.
75 0042F369 0042F481 In this business, you gotta be cold.
76 Look at it this way: All at once, I got my revenge and saved him from a lifetime of servitude. Think of it as a small mercy.
77 0042F36B 0042F50C Sorry for misleading you, but if you knew I was only coming here to kill Hal, you probably wouldn't have come along.
78 0042F36C 0042F495 All business and no questions with you, that's good.
79 0042F36E 0042F44A Sorry, that wasn't a risk I was willing to take. But hey, now I know better for next time.
80 0042F370 0042F4AB Hal ripped me off. On our last job, he took way more than his fair share of the cut, then lied about it.
81 By the time I found out, he had decided to part ways under the guise of not wanting to settle down at the Crater.
82 I needed to send a message that no one pulls a fast one on Gentleman Johnny Weston, not even my best friend, Hal. Deadly serious.
83 0042F372 0042F45B Sure.
84 0042F374 0042F4C4 You do.
85 0042F376 0042F46F I did. Cold
86 0042F378 0042F4DE Hal, my man, you look like hell! Starts off friendly and inviting.
87 It suits you, because that's exactly where you're going. Ends on a very cold note.
88 0042F379 0042F47E Johnny! How the heck are ya? Thanks for busting me outta there! Genuinely excited to see Johnny. He's very grateful.
89 0042F37A 0042F4F4 Once you make a move, I'll be right behind you.
90 0042F37B 0042F48B Funny you should say. I've been working on my escape. Wasn't going to go until tomorrow night, but now works.
91 It took weeks, but I quietly dug out the wall behind the bookshelf with a rusty spoon.
92 It'll take us into the next room over, then we can sneak away around the guards.
93 0042F37D 0042F443 Not the most elegant solution, but between the two of us, I think we can manage. A little skeptical, but willing.
94 The guard shift's usually pretty light about now.
95 0042F37F 0042F4A2 It's probably better if you didn't know.
96 Unrelated side note: stick to the gruel they give you. Stay away from the meat.
97 0042F381 0042F455 I am... It's... a little strange you know that. He's confused that the player knows who he is.
98 0042F383 0042F4BB Wait, Johnny? I'm surprised he'd come to save me. That's... great! What's the plan? A little surprised. He screwed over Johnny, but it seems that Johnny isn't wise to that, so he's concerned at first, but then realizes it's okay.
99 0042F385 0042F467 Alright, my new slave. Time to celebrate with a drink from the Winner's Cup!
100 Bottoms up!
101 0042F386 0042F4CE Hah! You're a good one, Reg. You got yourself a deal. We'll settle up after I put 'em with my others.
102 0042F387 0042F4E7 Nah, a bit dim and may smell like a well-used loo, but that's the worst of it. BRITISH ACCENT. Says this line if the player did not convince Johnny to treat them with dignity.
103 0042F4E8 Nah, me drudge here's bloody brill. Wins fights and rarely gets knackered. All's good, innit? BRITISH ACCENT. Says this line if the player convinced Johnny to treat them with dignity.
104 0042F388 0042F483 I get it. Gotta fetch a good price while you still can. Anything else I should know about this one?
105 0042F389 0042F524 Yeah, mate. I'm chuffed. But, I'm looking to move on out, and I think he's better served here with you. BRITISH ACCENT.
106 0042F525 Yeah, mate. I'm chuffed. But, I'm looking to move on out, and I think she's better served here with you. BRITISH ACCENT.
107 0042F38A 0042F4AF Sure you want to give him up?
108 0042F4B0 Sure you want to give her up?
109 0042F38B 0042F45E Reggie, my friend. Your fighter's performed just as well as you said. Treating Johnny like an old friend.
110 There a lot of profit to be made on a prime killer like this.
111 0042F38C 0042F4C7 Oi, Sargento! BRITISH ACCENT.
112 0042F38D 0042F471 You botched it pretty bad! No time to chat now, so we're gonna have to find Hal, and get the hell out of here. Try not to get us all killed! Very upset with the player. The player ruined his plan, and they now have to resort to Plan B.
113 0042F38E 0042F4E2 Okay, fine. I'll throw some caps your way when we're done with this. He's a little reluctant, but due to the time pressure, he agrees.
114 0042F390 0042F480 Sargento's a sick bastard, but he's a man of his word, if nothing else. He's not the type to renege on a deal.
115 0042F392 0042F50A He will be. I've already done some investigation.
116 Worst case scenario, it's inevitable that Sargento brings the two of you together, and that will be your opportunity.
117 0042F394 0042F491 Yeah. This place will be cleared out, and the guards won't be looking here.
118 Besides, you seem like the bloodthirsty type. You may end up killing them all anyway.
119 0042F396 0042F447 I guess you'll just have to bide your time until you can.
120 It may not be what you want to hear, but between you and Hal, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out something.
121 0042F398 0042F4A9 Alright, time to get back in character, then.
122 0042F39A 0042F459 Ok look, Sargento's coming. He already wants to buy you, so other than the formalities, it's a done deal. Any questions?
123 0042F39B 0042F50B Here's a key. Keep it hidden. After you and Hal bust out, meet me here.
124 0042F39C 0042F493 It's laced with a heavy sedative to knock you out and counter the adrenaline, in case you were to try something stupid.
125 0042F39D 0042F449 Here's what's going to happen now: Sargento will offer you a drink from the Winner's Cup.
126 0042F3AD 0042F4BA Sure thing.
127 0042F3AF 0042F466 After you win, I'll come meet you down on the arena floor, where we'll go over the final plans. Then you're on your own. Hushed voice. He's switched out of his other persona and is now discretely talking to the player about the real plan.
128 Oh, I also found some new information we can use to our advantage, if you so choose. Hushed.
129 I'm certain I can convince Maximum Maddie to throw the round if l tell her I'll disable her collar and buy her freedom. hushed.
130 So, what kind of help do you want from me this round?
131 0042F3B0 0042F4D6 Yeah, sure.
132 0042F3B2 0042F478 This whole thing's pretty new, so there's not much, but... He's trying to think of something interesting to tell the player about.
133 Oh! Oh! This one gal, a volunteer, not a slave mind you, she climbs up on the back of this huge Yao Guai and starts riding it around. He suddenly remembers a good story to tell.
134 It's thrashing around, trying to get at her, but she pulls out this length of rusty barbed wire and saws its damn head off.
135 Then she tosses it into Sargento's lap and spits at his feet. The most badass thing I've ever seen.
136 She left with her prize and never came back. Too bad.
137 0042F3B4 0042F492 Nah. Parents are dead. Died when I was fourteen, before I joined up with Sargento. He's a tough guy, but this gets him thinking about his dead parents. He doesn't let it affect him too much.
138 Never had any brothers or sisters. No wife, no kids. I only have to worry about myself.
139 0042F3B6 0042F448 Hell if I know. I might have been two years old at the time. This world is all I've ever known.
140 0042F3B8 0042F4AA Funny story. I ran into Sargento and his gang out in the Capital Wasteland.
141 I was just a scrappy kid at the time, and I stole cans of food from them. Got caught, and wound up in a fist-fight with the boss-man himself.
142 I decked him hard with a sucker punch, but he laughed it off, and offered me a job as a caravan guard.
143 When we settled here, I just kept at it. Only now, instead of keeping jerks away, I keep them in.
144 0042F3BA 0042F45A Glenn. I never liked it, but I never had the heart to change it even though everyone else around here changed theirs after civilization fell.. He didn't change his name, out of respect for his dead parents, but he's too tough to admit it. Still, this gets him thinking.
145 0042F3BC 0042F4C2 Yep. Deadpan
146 0042F3BE 0042F514 No. Deadpan.
147 0042F515 Nah. Deadpan.
148 0042F516 Nope. Deadpan
149 0042F517 Not a chance. Deadpan
150 0042F518 Not gonna happen. Deadpan
151 0042F519 No way. Deadpan
152 0042F51A Keep dreaming. Deadpan
153 0042F51B Drop it before I drop you. Deadpan
154 0042F51C Please stop. Deadpan
155 0042F3C0 0042F4DC You're not taking the hint, are you? Fine, tell you what.
156 There are some toilets 'round the corner over there. If you're desperate, you can check them for water. Heh.
157 0042F3C2 0042F47C I told you, I'm not giving you anything. You're a slave. Worse, you're a slave that doesn't seem to know their place.
158 0042F3C4 0042F4F2 Doesn't sound like my problem. If your master wanted you to win, he'd have given you something to eat.
159 The fact that he hasn't should tell you something about that.
160 Sure seems like no one's going to mourn your loss, least of all me.
161 0042F3C6 0042F489 If you say so.
162 0042F3C8 0042F441 Heh, right. You best be moving on.
163 0042F3CA 0042F4A0 Yeah, I think that's the smart move.
164 0042F3CC 0042F453 Let me spell it out for you then. I don't like you.
165 I don't have much interest in the well-being of some chump who's probably just going to die one way or another tonight, so maybe don't test me.
166 Because if you do, that 'probably' will be 'definitely.' And, I don't give a shit about consequences, because there ain't gonna be none. Very threatening.
167 0042F3CE 0042F4B9 Yeah, sure. There's a room around the corner with toilets in it. The plumbing don't work so good, but eh, it's there if you need it. Thinks the player is a little suspicious, but he's willing to let it go. He doesn't get paid enough for this.
168 Just, don't mess it up too bad, or you'll be the one cleaning it up.
169 0042F3D0 0042F464 Fine by me. Then I wouldn't have to deal with assholes like you.
170 But, say you're right. I say it's better incentive for people to keep their slaves in line.
171 It's why we don't get no upstarts here. And if we do, it's how we make sure they don't get too far.
172 0042F3D2 0042F4D4 You know, slaves are supposed to keep to themselves and shut the hell up. A little surprised. Willing to go along with the player because it's amusing.
173 But... ah what the heck, you're right. I'm bored as shit down here. What do you want to know? He considers following protocol, but he is really bored, so he's willing to indulge a bit.
174 0042F3D4 0042F476 What does this look like, a food bank? You want to eat, then your owner should have brought something for you. You ain't getting it from me. Annoyed.
175 0042F3D6 0042F4EB Yeah, but he'd understand if I told him a slave stepped out of line and tried to break free, know what I'm saying? Vaguely threatening.
176 0042F3D8 0042F465 Alright, you got yourself a deal, Mister. I can't wait to get out of here. hushed.
177 0042F3D9 0042F4D5 Ah, not if I disable it first. BRITISH ACCENT. Hushed. Trying to sound clever and set Maddie at ease.
178 0042F3DA 0042F477 Are you kidding? Screw that! They'll blow my collar if I lose! Hushed, but upset. Johnny told her he will buy her freedom, but only if she intentionally loses the match.
179 0042F3DB 0042F4EC I'm going to make your master a lucrative offer to buy you, and when this is all done, you're free to go. BRITISH ACCENT. Hushed voice.
180 0042F3DC 0042F485 I'm listening... Skeptical. hushed voice. Johnny has just proposed an offer promising her freedom.
181 0042F3DD 0042F53D 'ello, Maddie, I want to offer you a shot at freedom. BRITISH ACCENT. Hushed voice. He's pulling a con on Maddie in the locker room, with guards nearby.
182 0042F3E4 0042F460 Sure. hushed
183 0042F3E6 0042F4CD Okay, listen up. I've found a couple ways we can tip the scale in our favor. Hushed.
184 Nuclear Don was using some strange new blend of chems to give himself an edge. Now that he's dead, we can steal it and use it ourselves. Hushed.
185 I also discovered a powerful turret system built into the arena. I bet I can hack it and turn it against your targets in the ring. Hushed
186 0042F3E7 0042F472 Hey, that's you. Get out there! Gruff. Making sure the player knows their place.
187 0042F3E9 0042F522 There's not much to go over. If all else fails, we're going out guns blazing. It won't be ideal. Hushed
188 We'll need to murder every last one of these chumps, and still rescue Hal. Hushed.
189 Let me be clear: do not lead us into Plan B. I will not be happy. Hushed. Deadly serious.
190 0042F3EF 0042F4AD It's a deterrent in case a fighter tries to escape, turns on the audience, or in the case of today's match, if they end a round in last place. hushed
191 It's designed to blow up at the push of a button, taking your neck with it. hushed
192 But don't worry, I've replaced yours with a dud collar. I picked it up last time I was here and removed the explosives. Hushed
193 0042F3F1 0042F523 Like it? It's a character I whipped up, just in case. I don't want anyone here knowing who I am, or tracing it back to the Crater. Hushed
194 So instead, I'm Reginald P. Humphries, from jolly old England, mate! Hushed. Switch to BRITISH ACCENT at "I'm Reginald..." for the rest of the line.
195 Got stuck in D.C. when the airplanes stopped running and couldn't make it back across the pond. Hushed. BRITISH ACCENT.
196 0042F3F3 0042F498 I know it's not elegant, but when the lie is specific and disgusting enough, people don't bother asking questions. As you can see, it worked. Hushed
197 0042F3F5 0042F44D Sorry, just trying to make this more believable. Hushed
198 I was going to enroll you as the "Septic Survivor," but I'll think of something a little more dignified. hushed
199 Other than that, I'm going to need you to roll with the punches, just like you did back there. No sense blowing our cover over egos.
200 0042F3F7 0042F4AE While you're down here, I'll work my magic in the stands, doing recon and making deals. Hushed voice.
201 There are three rounds. You'll need to fend off whatever they throw at you. Hushed
202 Between each round, I'll come back here for a pep talk, and we'll discuss our various options. Hushed.
203 I'm counting on you to come in first. Don't let me down. Hushed.
204 0042F3F9 0042F45D I signed you up as an alternate to get you into today's match, so you'll go in if one of the current fighters loses before the match is over.
205 I have a good feeling that's going to happen, if you're picking up what I'm putting down. Said with a wink wink, nudge nudge. He's going to orchestrate it so another contestant loses.
206 Now, if you screw up and they try to detonate your collar, it's on to Plan B: Kill everyone, save Hal, and make it out alive.
207 0042F3FA 0042F4C6 Oi! You heard the nice bloke. Come over here so I can put this collar 'round your scrawny neck. BRITISH ACCENT. Johnny is now talking to the player.
208 0042F3FC 0042F508 No worries, old chap. I've got it right here. BRITISH ACCENT.
209 Poor thing's got the trots, he does. Had to go 'round the back way so he could do his duty outside before entering, like the proper scum he is. BRITISH ACCENT.
210 Should be all empty now. BRITISH ACCENT.
211 0042F509 No worries, old chap. I've got it right here. BRITISH ACCENT.
212 Poor thing's got the trots, she does. Had to go 'round the back way so she could do her duty outside before entering, like the proper scum she is. BRITISH ACCENT.
213 Should be all empty now. BRITISH ACCENT.
214 0042F3FD 0042F48F Hey, your slave doesn't have his collar on. Johnny has just entered with the player, who is masquerading as Johnny's slave. This is said as if Johnny should know better.
215 You better take him inside and fix that quick before he does something you'll regret. Gruff.
216 0042F490 Hey, your slave doesn't have her collar on. Johnny has just entered with the player, who is masquerading as Johnny's slave. This is said as if Johnny should know better.
217 You better take her inside and fix that quick before she does something you'll regret. Gruff.
218 0042F3FE 0042F4A8 So, here's how it'll go down. Meet me at the Watoga Civic Center. I'll do some legwork before you get there.
219 You'll want to slip in the back entrance. I'll be waiting, in character.
220 We'll get you into the competition, and I'll go over the final details with you once I know more.
221 See you there, partner.
222 0042F3FF 0042F458 Alright.
223 0042F405 0042F4DB That is a bit of an unknown, so it's mostly going to be on you to figure out. One of the few questions he doesn't have a definite answer for, but he has confidence in the player's abilities.
224 Luckily, after the competition, the place tends to clear out pretty fast, so you'll only have a few guards to deal with.
225 They're nothing special, so whichever direction you choose to go, I think you'll be able to handle it.
226 Of course, I'll help where I can.
227 0042F407 0042F47B You will. I'm going to rig the competition in your favor, so there's no way you'll lose. Confident.
228 Now, on the off chance you somehow fail, I won't be happy, but we'll have to improvise. Stress that he won't be happy.
229 Think of this as a trial run for the vault job. It'll let me know how much I can trust you.
230 0042F40B 0042F44B It seems to change from time to time, but I've got word that the next competition is your standard arena battle.
231 You versus whatever feral ghouls and other creatures they've dug up. First prize goes to whichever combatant clears them out fastest.
232 0042F40D 0042F4AC Fair enough. I know it sounds insane, but trust me, I've pulled off much more complicated and dangerous cons. This is nothing. To Johnny, this is no big deal. He's not worried.
233 If you stick with me and do what I tell you, it'll go smooth as pre-war butter. I'll be doing all the heavy lifting. This is kind of a lie, since the player is always going to be the one in the most risky situations, but he says it confidently.
234 0042F40F 0042F45C As you should. Calm and optimistic.
235 0042F411 0042F4C5 Alright, that's the spirit! Enthusiastic
236 0042F413 0042F470 I want to pass you off as my slave. I'll make a deal to sell you to Hal's master, after you win the competition that we'll rig in your favor. Said with the utmost confidence, and not a shred of doubt.
237 Once you get into the slave quarters, you and Hal will break out and rendezvous with me. Any questions?
238 0042F414 0042F4DF Whoa, kick it down a notch, Captain Murder-hobo. That's plan B. Plan A is all about safety and finesse.
239 0042F416 0042F47F Not quite, but close. Keeping the enthusiasm up, not said in a tone that's shooting the player down.
240 0042F41C 0042F50E Now Hal isn't much of a fighter, so he's being held there by one of these guys for some other purpose.
241 0042F50F Okay. I'll create a distraction, and you raid Don's locker for the chems. hushed
242 I can only distract for so long without raising suspicion, so be quick. hushed
243 The chems should last at least one round, so make it count. hushed
244 0042F510 You got it. Based on what I heard, this shouldn't arouse suspicion because malfunctions happen all the time with their system. hushed
245 0042F511 Sure thing. Maddie's anxious and focused on self-preservation. She'll be an easy con. hushed
246 It's unfortunate what happens to the losers here, but Maddie deserves to die. hushed
247 I just need you to go talk to the guard and distract him while I do it. You're cool with that, right? hushed
248 0042F512 Hmm. Okay, okay. Gotta admire the confidence, but remember what's at stake here. hushed
249 If you lose, it's on you, and there will be consequences. Don't blow it. Hushed. Making it clear he will be disappointed if the player loses.
250 0042F51D Option one: Steal and use performance-enhancing chems from Nuclear Don's locker while I distract the guard. hushed
251 0042F51E Option two: I can hack the arena's turret system to fight for you during your round. hushed
252 0042F51F Or, option three: I can con Maximum Maddie into throwing the round, which will make it unlikely you'll come in last place. hushed
253 0042F520 Great! Then it's settled! Pleasure doing business with you.
254 0042F521 Alright, alright, you drive a hard bargain. Twenty-Five percent it is. If there's a way to make this sound like this was his goal all along without actually saying it, that'd be perfect.
255 0042F41D 0042F446 People fight for riches, food, supplies, whatever they're willing to bet.
256 Half the competitors are slaves, and their masters are betting on them. Others are just people trying to make their fortune.
257 0042F41E 0042F4A6 So, these guys run an arena, in what used to be the Watoga Civic Center.
258 0042F4A7 Right, so about this competition.
259 0042F41F 0042F4C0 Good.
260 0042F421 0042F46B The best cons require a partner. Someone to help sell the illusion.
261 In this case, my partner, i.e. you, are going to play a critical role in selling that illusion.
262 I could probably rescue Hal myself, but it's riskier than I like. I figure, with your skills, there's very little chance we can screw this up.
263 0042F423 0042F4DA It happened after we found the Crater and decided to settle, but Hal's not the type who enjoys being in one place for too long.
264 To be honest, neither am I, but Meg's crew offers resources and opportunities that we just weren't finding on our own anymore.
265 Hal thought we'd be better off on our own. I told him I was staying put. He struck out by himself, and that was the end of it.
266 0042F425 0042F47A My best guess is that when he and I split, he kept following the trail South.
267 The hooligans from the Watoga arena must have offered him his life in exchange for servitude.
268 Knowing Hal, he probably figured he would bide his time and find a way out of his situation later.
269 0042F427 0042F4F1 These guys run a deadly arena competition out of the old civic center. "These GUYS," not "THESE guys"
270 Meg asked me to scope it out and find out what their deal was. See if maybe we could get them to join us.
271 It was clear these weren't the type of people we wanted in our crew. Slavery's a big no-no with Meg, and these folks are all about it.
272 But, while I was betting on one of the matches, I spotted Hal waiting on people hand and foot in one of the arena's luxury boxes.
273 0042F429 0042F49F Alright, shoot.
274 0042F42B 0042F452 Alright, I knew you'd be on board!
275 0042F42D 0042F4B8 So here's what's what. I used to run jobs with my partner Hal. Hal's a dear old friend. Known him since before the war. Looking back with fondness.
276 Hal and I went our separate ways when I joined up with Meg's crew.
277 Now he's being held as a slave by a group of unsavory hooligans out by Watoga, and being forced to do... who knows what.
278 I've got a plan to free him.
279 0042F42E 0042F463 Glad you asked! Simple answer: it's a two-person job.
280 0042F430 0042F4D3 C'mon, you should know that's a non-starter for me, Vault Dweller. Not pleased, but not upset.
281 See, I don't need your little vault raid to make dough, but you do need me. Just listen to what I've got to say, then make up your mind.
282 0042F432 0042F475 Heh, definitely no kids. Can't make any promises about suicidal ghouls, but I can say Lou won't be involved. Amused
283 Nah, this'll be fun, I promise.
284 0042F434 0042F4EA Ah, great! Enthusiasm, I love it! Excited
285 0042F436 0042F484 Okay, fine, it's a catch. Is that what you need to hear? Does it matter? Let's just move on. Not upset, but playing it off as no big deal.
286 0042F438 0042F53C Let me lay it out for you. There's a reason Meg wants me on this job. She believes we're going to run into people down there. Said with a smirk
287 If 79's anything like Vault 76, there are living, breathing people inside just waiting for their vault to open up.
288 And if these people are anything like you and your little friends, they'll be naive and easy as pie to manipulate into giving us whatever we want. Not said in an insulting way, but yeah, it's totally an insult
289 No offense, of course. Definitely a bit of a clapback
290 0042F43A 0042F499 And you've done a good job with that, haven't you. Johnny's patronizing the player a little here, but it shouldn't sound like it.
291 Don't worry, you were plenty careful, but ol' Johnny's got his ways. Insinuating that he's more clever than he appears
292 0042F43C 0042F44E Heh, catch? It's not a catch, so much as it is a business deal. Amused. He's playing this off as no big deal.
293 Before I sign on for your vault raid, I need you to do something for me.
294 You've got the kind of skills I need to help pull off a very important job.
295 0042F43E 0042F4B2 Well... See, that's where it gets tricky.
296 There's this other job I need some assistance with before I can devote any time to stealing from what's left of the federal government.
297 And from what I've seen and heard, you're just the sort of person that could help me out. What a sales pitch!
298 0042F440 0042F4F7 Hey there, Vault Dweller. I've heard all about the plans for that Vault 79 raid of yours, so I'll spare you the time and tell you I'm in. He's very much trying to cut to the chase here.
299 All that sweet, sweet gold is as good as ours.
300 0042F4F8 I take it you're ready to talk business about this vault job of yours. No need to convince me, I'm already on board! The player has already spoken to him once, but they've come back. He's very much trying to cut to the chase here.
301 All that sweet, sweet gold is as good as ours.
302 0042F4F9 Keep quiet and let me do the talking for now. Follow me, and remember, you're my slave. Spoken in a hushed voice (though loud enough for the player to hear)
303 0042F4FA I asked you a question! BRITISH ACCENT. Angry
304 0042F4FB Hey, you're doing great so far. You're going to need to step it up, though. Hushed voice. Pleased by the player's performance, but not particularly impressed.
305 0042F4FC Wow! People out there seem impressed! Keep it up and this'll be a piece of cake! Hushed voice. Very impressed with the player's performance, genuinely enthusiastic.
306 0042F4FD Stand down, slave. It'd be a shame if you were to get injured before your next fight. Said with a hint of disgust that the player would approach him.
307 0042F4FE Good job, Septic Survivor, but you're going to need to do better than that to win the final round. Second place is now last place. BRITISH ACCENT.
308 0042F4FF Good job, Atomic Avenger, but you're going to need to do better than that to win the final round. Second place is now last place. BRITISH ACCENT.
309 0042F500 Brilliant, Septic Survivor! First place again! We're in the final round now, so keep up the good work, and we'll win this thing. BRITISH ACCENT.
310 0042F501 Brilliant, Atomic Avenger! First place again! We're in the final round now, so keep up the good work, and we'll win this thing. BRITISH ACCENT.
311 0042F502 Quick, listen up. Hurried. He doesn't have much time.
312 0042F503 New guy, huh? Hopefully you'll last longer than the last one. Trying to be friendly, despite their shared circumstances as slaves.
313 0042F504 New gal, huh? Hopefully you'll last longer than the last one. Trying to be friendly, despite their shared circumstances as slaves.
314 0042F505 Hey, thanks, Vault Dweller. Playing it off as if everything's normal. Even though he just killed the guy he said he was here to save.
315 0042F506 Welcome back, Seven-Six. I take it Johnny's on board?
316 0055C5ED What the hell was that? I told you to play along, not talk back. You'll blow our cover! <sigh> Just... stick to the plan from now on. Spoken in a hushed voice, clearly annoyed (though loud enough for the player to hear)
317 0055F29F Hey, thanks for playing it cool. Spoken in a hushed voice (though loud enough for the player to hear)
318 00590449 Game time. Spoken in a hushed voice (though loud enough for the player to hear). The player exited dialogue, then came back.
319 0059044A Hey, we don't have time to mess around. Hurried. He doesn't have much time. The player backed out of dialogue and then came back after getting the key.
320 0059044B One more thing... The player backed out of dialogue, and returns. Johnny's not finished yet.
321 0059044C I didn't think we were done yet... The player backed out of dialogue, and returns. Johnny's not finished yet. Emphasis on "think"
322 0059044D Now that we've settled that... The player backed out of dialogue, and returns. They've finished discussing business with Johnny. Emphasis on "that"
323 0053632A 0053634D Just for instance: I don't know if you've heard, but a little bird told me those Foundation folks are also looking to break into our vault. Heavily insinuating that the player does in fact know, because she knows that the player has been shopping this idea around.
324 All I'm sayin' is, be a real shame if someone I know were thinkin' the grass was greener over there. They might want to think a little harder. She knows the player is working with the other faction, too, but is giving them an opportunity to correct their course.
325 0053632F 0053634A So, you tell me when you're good and ready, and we'll get this party started.
326 00536334 00536343 Yeah. Working with Johnny can be complicated. He may let on that he likes you, but you may want to watch your back.
327 You got my blessing to hand his ass to him he gives you shit. As long as the job still gets done.
328 00536336 00536344 Yeah? Good. Johnny can be a pain in the ass if you're not in his good graces. You being tight with him will help this go smoothly.
329 00536338 00536342 Yeah, well, that's just Johnny. We put up with a lot of shit from him, but he gets results.
330 0053633A 00536345 You think so? You've done all this shit to prepare and you just think you're ready? Taken aback by this. Emphasis on "think" both times.
331 No, Seven-Six. You better damn well be certain you're ready to go and tie up any loose ends before we head on out. Being stern with the player.
332 0053633C 00536349 Ah well, maybe we find a way to talk him down some more before we finish raiding the vault. Moving on!
333 0053633D 00536346 Yeah, I figured he'd want about that. Let me guess, he started higher and you talked him down? Disappointed, but she figured this would happen, so it's okay.
334 0053633F 0053634C Fifty Percent? Shit, Seven-Six, Why would you agree to that? Shocked and kind of pissed.
335 Shit, we do need him, so it's too late now. Just know that we'll all be getting less 'cause of it. Disappointed in the player, but she knows this is necessary, so maybe she's just a little pissed at Johnny.
336 0055C5C1 0055C5F5 Boy, you really screwed things up, didn't you? Really annoyed at the player.
337 0055C5F6 Yeah, I know we need to talk, but now's not the time! Annoyed at the player.
338 0055C5F7 If only you had stuck to the plan! Annoyed at the player.
339 0055C5F8 We could have avoided all this, but no, I just had to trust you! Annoyed at the player.
340 0055C5F9 You know what? just... no... we'll talk later. I'm still pissed. Annoyed at the player.
341 0055C5FB Now that that's over, we can focus on getting into that Vault. I'm... we. We're gonna be rich! He catches himself, and remembers to include the player, not wanting to show his hand too early.
342 0055C5FC Well, it was messy, but we got the job done, no thanks to you. Annoyed at the player.
343 0055C5FD We're done here. Go on and get back to base.
344 0055C5FE See, I told you we could do it. Not such a crazy plan after all, eh?
345 0055D853 Now's not the time for small talk.
346 0055D854 We gotta get out of here.
347 0055D855 I sure hope you've got a plan.
348 0055DBA9 What are you... You trying to psych me out? Well, it ain't gonna work! A little paranoid. Twitchy.
349 0055DBAA When I win this, that's it. I'll have paid off my debt. I can taste that freedom. It tastes like... metal? Nah, that's... something else. Optimisitic, pumped up. But also, he's been taking performance enhancing chems with side effects, and trying to hide it. He's not all there.
350 0055DBAB Stay away. I... don't like people touching me! I don't like people near me! Just, aghhh! Go away! Switching moods dramatically. He's on chems.
351 0055DBAC You wanna piece of me? Huh? No.. no.. gotta stay focused on the match. You should too. Switching moods dramatically. He's on chems. He starts off really angry, then calms himself.
352 0055DBAD You want a tip? Listen, I know how to survive in there. You just gotta... wait... what? You're just trying to get into my head! Get out! Get out! Switching moods dramatically. He's on chems. He starts off really friendly, and then gets really angry.
353 0055DBAF Mmmmgh. An indifferent growl
354 0055DBB0 Ehhggggh... Angry, heavy breath, prolonged growl.
355 0055DBB1 Unghh... Dismissive growl.
356 0055DBB2 Grraghhhh! Snapping at the player with an angry warning growl
357 0055DBB3 <heavy breathing> Just some heavy angry breathing for a few seconds.
358 0055DBB5 Only one of us is gonna make it tonight, and you're sadly mistaken if I'm gonna let some newbie alternate beat me! Annoyed that the player is here. She was expecting smooth sailing with a bunch of known fighters, but the player is an unknown.
359 0055DBB6 Get a good look, creep, because that collar of yours guarantees it's the last time you'll lay eyes on a true champion before you lose. Arrogant. She knows she's going to win.
360 0055DBB7 Just had to be an elimination match tonight... She's nervous, but more angry about it than letting it show.
361 Fuck it, I know what I'm doing. All you chumps are the ones that have to worry, not me! She's convincing herself that she's got nothing to worry about.
362 0055DBB8 Why don't you go bother Klaus over there? He'll only bite your ear off, I'll do much worse if you mess with me. Annoyed by the player.
363 0055DBB9 What's your problem, newbie? Annoyed by the player.
364 This is gonna be your first and last appearance in the arena tonight. I'll make sure of it. Taunting the player.
365 0055DBBB Get back there and wait to be called. Maintaining order.
366 0055DBBC I know how to make injuries look like accidents, and nobody in here's gonna complain about you getting crippled, understand? Threatening the player.
367 0055DBBD Step away, scum. Maintaining order.
368 0055DBBE Wait your turn. I promise you'll get the opportunity to die soon enough.
369 0055DBBF You've got a lotta nerve talking to me.
370 0055DBC1 I don't deal with the slaves, only the owners and volunteers. Dismissive.
371 0055DBC2 I really don't care about whatever it is you got to say. Dismissive.
372 0055DBC3 Fuck off. Annoyed, dismissive
373 0055DBC4 You're gonna be fun to watch fail in there. Shame I won't be able to see it. Amused.
374 0055DBC5 Don't you have an arena match to lose? Dismissive.
375 0058F29C Oi! Back away, slave! Know your place! BRITISH ACCENT
376 0058F29D What did I say? No biscuits 'til you've earned it! BRITISH ACCENT
377 0058F29E You're the bloody slave, and I'm your master. Don't make me remind you again! BRITISH ACCENT
378 0058F29F Scum like you doesn't speak unless spoken to! BRITISH ACCENT
379 0055C5C2 0055C5E2 You got it, old chap. Now I've got to get back and make sure me fighter ain't got into some trouble. Pleasure doing business! BRITISH ACCENT
380 0055C5C3 0055C5E1 Okay, we got a deal. I won't let Maddie get near your fighter. And you better not forget to tell the boss. He's content with this arrangement, and looking forward to a promotion.
381 0055C5C4 0055C5EF I would. Swear on me dead mum's grave. BRITISH ACCENT.
382 0055C5C5 0055C5E4 Hm... You'd do that? He's considering Johhny's offer.
383 0055C5C6 0055C5F1 You giving me guff? Do you want to see me really cheesed off? BRITISH ACCENT
384 Your boss man is showin' considerable interest in purchasing me fighter when we win it. BRITISH ACCENT
385 He's not gonna want damaged goods, understand? BRITISH ACCENT
386 Now, you do a good job, maybe I tell Sargento, and you move up in the world. Does that sound like the dog's bollocks, or what? BRITISH ACCENT
387 0055C5C7 0055C5E6 Yeah, sure. You got it. Whatever you say. Kind of wishy-washy. He's annoyed at being chastised, and just wants Johnny to go away.
388 0055C5C8 0055C5F3 Right, now there's a man who knows 'is onions. Where was I? Oh, yeah. I saw Maddie over there givin' me slave the ol' googly eyes. BRITISH ACCENT.
389 Now, I dunno, given 'er cannibalistic past, if she wants a meal, or if she just wants a quick snog. BRITISH ACCENT
390 Either way, I want you to keep that dodgy nutter away from me fighter, or I'll make sure Sargento knows who buggered it all up.
391 0055C5C9 0055C5E8 Alright, alright, you made your point. What do you want? A little fearful, but he concedes. Still trying to act tough.
392 0055C5CA 0055C5DE Yeah, you think he's going to like that? Gonna give you a nice fat promotion for that cock-up? BRITISH ACCENT.
393 Or, you think he's gonna cut off your arms and make you his next arena fighter? BRITISH ACCENT
394 Maybe feed said arms to a captive deathclaw as a nice appetizer for the main course: you. BRITISH ACCENT
395 0055C5CB 0055C5EB Uh...
396 0055C5CC 0055C5E0 Oh, it's like that, innit? You should know that Sargento's a very busy man, and that he don't like being disturbed when he's running 'is show? BRITISH ACCENT.
397 Now, how's he gonna respond when I tell 'im you're the one what told me to bother him when you're perfectly capable of handling this yourself?
398 0055C5CD 0055C5EE You got a problem, buddy? Take it up with the boss man, Sargento. Indifferent. He doesn't have time for this crap, even though he's just been standing around being bored.
399 0055C5CE 0055C5E3 Oi! There's something I need to speak with you about! BRITISH ACCENT. Slightly agitated.
400 0055C5CF 0055C5F0 Oh no, of course not. And, I'm not actually going to disable her collar. She'll pop like the others. Hushed, nonchalant
401 Don't worry though, she deserves it. She was exiled and sold into slavery because she killed kids and ate them. Real nasty stuff. Hushed, nonchalant.
402 0055C5D1 0055C5E5 Your call. Hushed.
403 0055C5D3 0055C5F2 Good, go do your thing and I'll do mine. hushed
404 0055C5D5 0055C5E7 Uhh... are you telling me that you lied about it this whole time? What was that ungodly smell then? British Accent. Caught off guard at first. Was expecting the player to play along.
405 Either way, you'll get a sound thrashing for it if you survive! British accent.
406 0055C5D7 0055C5DD Good, because it'll be the end of you if you do. British accent. Keeping the player in their place.
407 0055C5D9 0055C5EA Oh there you are! Hurry along then, we're late! You're lucky I didn't feed you to the mirelurks when I had the chance! Normal volume. British accent. Acting as if the player is his lowly slave.
408 0055C5DA 0055C5DF Hal! Boy, you've really got yourself in a pickle. Friendly, meant to catch Hal off guard. Hal needs to believe that Johhny is here to rescue him.
409 0055C5DB 0055C5EC Hurry up, will ya? Quick and impatient. He's upset with the player for making things more difficult for him.
410 0055C5DC 0055C5E9 Luckily, I slipped the key from Sargento while he wasn't looking. A sense of urgency. He's trying to get to his friend quickly and get out before the player gets them all killed. He's still upset at the player.
411 0055D84A 0055D856 Thought you could run, huh? You're dead wrong! Going into combat from an alert state.
412 0055D857 Oh no you don't! We got you, now! Nowhere to go! Going into combat from an alert state.
413 0055D858 There they are! Put these scumbags in their place! Going into combat from an alert state.
414 0055D84C 0055D869 Ah! I think I was safer in my cell! Hit in combat.
415 0055D86A Shit, I hope you and Johnny brought first aid! Hit in combat.
416 0055D86B Agh! Hit in combat.
417 0055D86C Ow! Damn it! Hit in combat.
418 0055D86D Erghh! Hit in combat.
419 0055D86E Oh, that smarts! Hit in combat.
420 0055D871 Watch out, this one's got some fight in 'em! Hit in combat.
421 0055D872 Ah! I'm gonna get you good for that! Hit in combat.
422 0055D873 Agh! Hit in combat.
423 0055D874 Ugh! You're lucky your collar doesn't work! Hit in combat.
424 0055D875 Erghh! Hit in combat.
425 0055D876 Aghh! Why you... dirty... Hit in combat.
426 0055D851 0055D885 I don't have a gun, but I can still take you! Taunting.
427 0055D886 Oh, you're gonna regret messing with me! Taunting.
428 0055D887 You think you're tough? Taunting.
429 0055D889 Stand down, scum! Taunting.
430 0055D88A Give up, before we make a spectacle of you in the pit! Taunting.
431 0055D88B You act like I haven't had to discipline a slave with bullets before! Taunting.
432 0055D88C You're nothing but human garbage! Give up before I gotta take your body out back and burn ya with the rest! Taunting.
433 0055D88D I've been waiting all day for this! Taunting.
434 0055D88E I'm gonna enjoy taking you down! Taunting.
435 0055DB82 0055DB9F Alright, while we're sorting things out for next round, you all go get yourselves drunk on whatever brahmin piss we got back here! Full of excitement and callousness.
436 0055DB84 0055DBA6 Oh! I thought we rigged his grumpy ass' collar up with extra pow so it'd shoot off like a rocket. Disappointed.
437 Gonna have to talk to my tech guys about that. Annoyed.
438 0055DB85 0055DBA1 Nnngh... Indifferent growling.
439 0055DB86 0055DB9B <audience cheering> No VO
440 0055DB87 0055DBA0 <audience cheering> No VO
441 0055DB88 0055DB9A DeathKlaus, baby, let's see what those brains of yours look like! Full of excitement and callousness.
442 0055DB89 0055DBA7 At the end of round two, your favorite and mine, Maximum Maddie, is still going strong, which means... Full of excitement.
443 0055DB8A 0055DBA2 Ooh! The new kid on the block's still in it, giving the vets something to think about! Full of excitement
444 0055DB8B 0055DB99 <audience cheering> No VO
445 0055DB8C 0055DB9D Alright, haha! Let's get him cleaned up... or not! Whatever! Full of excitement and callousness.
446 We'll take a quick break while we rearrange the arena for round two. Go get yourselves some food and drink, you sick bastards! Haha! Full of excitement and callousness
447 0055DB8D 0055DB9E No! Wait! I got... He gets interrupted by his head blowing up before he can finish.
448 0055DB8E 0055DB97 Bye Don! Full of excitement and callousness.
449 0055DB90 0055DB98 <audience cheering> No VO
450 0055DB91 0055DBA3 That's just the way it is! Now who's ready to see some fireworks? Full of excitement and callousness.
451 0055DB92 0055DBA4 <audience boos> No VO
452 0055DB93 0055DB96 <audience boos> No VO
453 0055DB94 0055DB9C Sorry to spoil it, folks, but our longtime fighter, Nuclear Don just couldn't hack it tonight! Sorry, Don! Full of excitement and callousness.
454 0055DB95 0055DBA5 Wow! What a thrilling match, folks! Newbie's puttin' on the pressure! full of excitement
455 After the first round, three will go on, and one will lose his head. Ooh, did I say 'he?' Catches himself revealing information before he intended.
456 0055DE77 0055DE7B <audience cheering> No VO
457 0055DE78 0055DE7D <audience cheering halfheartedly> No VO
458 0055DE79 0055DE7C <audience cheering> No VO
459 0055DE7A 0055DE7E <audience cheering> No VO
460 0055F29D 0055F2A0 What do you have to say for yourself, slave? BRITISH ACCENT. Feigning contempt for making him look bad.
461 0055F29E 0055F2A1 Bloody hell! Get over here and answer me, before I have to drag you in me self! BRITISH ACCENT. The player isn't nearby like they should be and hasn't responded to his question.
462 0056FA05 0055D862 We've got trouble! Entering Combat
463 0055D863 I'm counting on you to take these guys down! Entering Combat
464 0055D864 I'm not going down without a fight! Entering Combat
465 0055D866 They're trying to escape! Take 'em down! Kill if you have to! Entering Combat
466 0055D867 Time to take out the trash! Entering Combat
467 0055D868 Looks like someone doesn't know their place! Time to teach you a lesson! Entering Combat
468 00590B4C 00590B63 Sure go ahead. Keep pushing my buttons. It's been a while since I had to give a slave a severe beat down.
469 00590B4E 00590B60 What do I look like, someone who cares? Nah, I'm the guy who gets paid to keep scumbags like you in line. Need a demonstration?
470 00590B50 00590B5C You don't take hints very well. Do you need a blunt force reminder of your place here, slave?
471 00594A6A 00594A7B <audience cheering> No VO
472 00594A6B 00594A74 <audience boos> No VO
473 00594A6C 00594A7C <audience cheering> No VO
474 00594A6D 00594A75 <audience cheering> No VO
475 00594A6E 00594A7D <audience cheering> No VO
476 00594A6F 00594A76 <audience cheering> No VO
477 00594A70 00594A7E <audience cheering> No VO
478 00594A71 00594A77 <audience boos> No VO
479 00594A72 00594A7F <audience cheering> No VO
480 00594A73 00594A78 <audience cheering> No VO
481 00594A7A <audience cheering> No VO
482 005A1F22 0042F4E5 Alright, Septic Survivor, get out there when they call you and don't let me down! I've got a lot of caps riding on you! BRITISH ACCENT. This is what Johnny calls the player if they did not ask for more dignity.
483 0042F4E6 Alright, Atomic Avenger, get out there when they call you and don't let me down! I've got a lot of caps riding on you! BRITISH ACCENT. This is what Johnny calls the player if they asked for more dignity.
484 005A2CD1 0042F4E0 Euch, just make sure he doesn't make a mess, cause I'm the one who's got to clean it up. And get that stinkin' collar on him! Genuinely disgusted, but still serious about the collar.
485 0042F4E1 Euch, just make sure she doesn't make a mess, cause I'm the one who's got to clean it up. And get that stinkin' collar on her! Genuinely disgusted, but still serious about the collar.