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Scribe Hailey Takano was a scientist working for the Brotherhood of Steel around 2077.


Before the War, Hailey Takano was a prominent scientist and a prolific writer publishing for the Tesla Science Magazine, focusing on cutting edge research and theories. She survived the Great War in California, and apparently through pure luck, found Roger Maxson and his deserters heading towards Lost Hills. Her scientific background proved invaluable to the fledgling order,[1] especially when the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood encountered the scorchbeasts.

Working directly with Grant McNamara, Takano did everything she could to provide the Appalachians with information and data needed to find the threat such as schematics and terminal codes among other things.[2] Perhaps the single most advanced item she delivered were schematics for a modified T-51 power armor using ultracite, although the armor was plagued by several problems she couldn't resolve without access to the material.[3]

Her most important contribution was twofold. Firstly, she determined that the scorchbeasts posed an existential threat to humanity, based on their abilities and prodigious breeding rate.[4] Secondly, she helped develop a sonic generator that would attract the scorchbeasts and allow the Brotherhood to cull their numbers, though everyone was aware that this solution was unsustainable in the long run. Takano and her team focused on finding a long-term solution and provided Grant with an automated research program to use at Vault-Tec University locally, so that Appalachia could continue research on finding a weakness in the scorchbeasts, even if the West Coast went dark.[5] She was also responsible for designing the sonic scanning module[6] which was eventually used by the Appalachian Brotherhood to track down the source of the scorchbeasts to the glassed cavern, although their attempted mission to destroy the scorchbeasts for good was ultimately unsuccessful.[7]

After the Lost Hills Brotherhood lost contact with Appalachia, Takano took on the responsibility of tutoring Odessa Valdez. By 2103, while initially due to join in the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force, declining health and other concerns made her ineligible, and Scribe Odessa Valdez volunteered in her place.[8]


Hailey Takano is mentioned in Fallout 76. She was expanded upon in the One Wasteland For All, Steel Dawn and Steel Reign updates.

Behind the scenes

  • The surname Takano (高野) means "high field" in Japanese.
  • Hailey Takano's body exists in the game files, but is not used anywhere in the game.[9]