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This is a transcript for dialogue with Initiate Stanton.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, I heard the pistol got returned. Thanks a lot! I am {emph} never going to listen to Watkins again, believe me. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 I really hope you can find that pistol. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes, can I help you? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Sorry, but I'm a little busy here. If you'll excuse me. 4
HVStantonAskAboutWeapon You were the last one to check out the missing laser pistol, right? Neutral 50 Oh man, I told Watkins this wasn't going to work. 5
Neutral 50 Look, Watkins and I snuck out one day. She said it'd be a training exercise. 6
Neutral 50 Said she heard from a guy on one of the patrols that there was a gulch just southeast of here with scorpions in it, and that we had to check it out. 7
Neutral 50 There were scorpions out there, all right. We started using them for target practice, but before we knew it the damn things were all around us. 8
Neutral 50 So we made a run for it, and in all the commotion, I dropped my pistol. Watkins keeps urging me to go back and get it, but that's not gonna happen. 9
Neutral 50 You can go outside, though, can't you? You could return the pistol to Torres and clear this whole thing up for me. 10
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic000 Fine, I'll find the gun for you. Neutral 50 Great! When you find it, just turn it into Torres and I'll be in the clear. 11
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic001 Why do the records show that the gun was turned back in? Neutral 50 Oh, I sort of altered the records after we got back. That was Watkins' idea, too. That girl is nothing but trouble. 12
Neutral 50 Still, I haven't been exiled yet, or worse, assigned to latrine-cleaning duty. But I will, if you don't help me find that gun. 13
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic002 Sorry, I can't help you. Neutral 50 Oh man, I am so screwed! Look, if you change your mind, I'd really appreciate it. 14
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic003 I'm trying to help Torres find a missing laser pistol. Have you seen it around? Neutral 50 No, no idea. Sorry. 15
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic004 I have to be going. Neutral 50 Okay, see you around. 16
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic005 I'll try my best to find it. Neutral 50 Hey, no pressure. I'm just grateful you're willing to help me out. 17
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic006 Could you be a little more specific about where you dropped it? Neutral 50 I'm pretty sure I dropped in when we made our escape. We had been surrounded and had climbed up on this big rock to hold them off. 18
Neutral 50 Oh, and I remember seeing a corpse near the rock, too. We never got a chance to check it out since we were too busy fighting for our lives. 19
Neutral 50 Guess we had better luck than whoever that was, huh? 20
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic007 I better go and start looking. Neutral 50 Good luck! 21
VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic008 Can I just get you another laser pistol? Neutral 50 No, weapon check-in protocol includes verifying the serial number of the weapon, so a different gun would be noticed. 22
Neutral 50 Plus, having a new gun suddenly show up would immediately point to you, being the only outsider around here and all. 23
Neutral 50 No, the only way I have out of this is if you help me find that gun. You'll help me, right? 24