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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Typhon's Treasure quest.


{100}{}{You see the Broken Hills town well.}
{101}{}{The town well is built with cracked and loose bricks. A dank, musty odor emantes from below.}
{102}{}{Remembering what Typhon said about hiding the treasure somewhere "indispensible" and "that wasn't likely to be torn down or plowed over", you make a thorough check of the old well. A few feet down on the inside, you notice one brick jutting out substantially from the rest of the wall.}
{103}{}{Goodeee! Trezhur!}
{104}{}{Cha-ching! I'm gonna be stinkin' rich!}
{105}{}{Gently pulling the loose brick from the wall, you gaze into the darkness looking for the booty you have earned.}
{106}{}{Where munneee?}
{107}{}{Hmm... can't quite see down there.}
{108}{}{You heave the useless brick into the well, hoping to free up your hands.}
{109}{}{Huunngh! Get munneee!}
{110}{}{Hunnngh! All right. Time to get the cash!}
{111}{}{Suddenly, from out of the hole in the well's wall, a sizeable bag with a rope attached to it plunges into the darkness of the well. In your haste to retrieve the treasure, you failed to notice that the brick you discarded was attached by a rope to the very loot you were seeking.}
{113}{}{Crap! This sucks!}
{114}{}{Yes, it does suck. It looks like you'll need to figure out a way to get the treasure out of the well. You're much too big to make it down the well without getting stuck. Looks like you'll need some help.}
{115}{}{Too big go down well.}
{116}{}{It's no good. I can't get down the well. I'm too big.}
{117}{}{Uh...friend, this isn't...uh...quite what I had in mind.}
{118}{}{GO, shortee!}
{119}{}{Short guy nice. Like short guy.}
{120}{}{Keep goin', Short Round.}
{121}{}{You're doing great! Just a little further.}
{122}{}{All right, all right. I'm going.... Auugghh... It stinks down here! OK. Almost there... YES!}
{123}{}{Got muneee?!}
{124}{}{You got it?!}
{125}{}{Yep, it's right here! My GOD! This sack is HUGE! That old man wasn't kidding. There must be a load of cash in here!}
{127}{}{Tie the sack to the rope! I'll pull it up!}
{128}{}{Yeah, right! So you can go running off with my share? I don't think so! Just give me a second to check it out.}
{130}{}{Whatever. You're not going anywhere.}
{131}{}{I'm opening the sack. It's... it's beautiful! It's so shiny! It''s.... Uh oh...}
{132}{}{Uh oh?}
{133}{}{'Uh oh'? You said 'Uh oh'. Why did you say 'Uh oh'?}
{134}{}{Uh... never mind! [snicker]... Check it out.}
{135}{}{[Micky ties the sack to the rope, and you haul it up. It's pretty heavy. Maybe Micky's wrong.]}
{136}{}{Lookee, lookee!}
{137}{}{Let's see what we've got here.}
{138}{}{[You gingerly open the sack, relishing the adrenaline rush. The fabric of the sack parts to reveal.....]}
{139}{}{Yah, Yah?}
{140}{}{What is it?}
{141}{}{10000 bottlecaps.}
{143}{}{Freakin' bottlecaps?!}
{144}{}{That's a pisser, ain't it kid? Well, better luck next time. Get me out of here!}
{145}{}{Old ghoul make funnee joke! Ha Ha!}
{146}{}{That bastard old ghoul tricked me! He just wanted me to waste my time running around so he could laugh at me!}
{147}{}{Uh... friend? A little help here?}
{148}{}{He knew I'd spend hours... no, DAYS, running all over creation to find that crap he wanted just so he could have a good giggle!}
{149}{}{Uh... look. There's a large multi-legged thing down here that I'd like to get away from. Could ya hurry up?}
{150}{}{Typhon should have known that caps were useless these days. Shouldn't he?}
{151}{}{Oh my GOD! It's crawling on me! HELP!}
{152}{}{Y'know, it's really kind of sweet when you think about it. He really thought he was helping me out. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the old guy. ::sigh:: So much for the treasure. I've guess I've got places to go.}
{154}{}{No care bout well no more.}
{155}{}{Hmmmm... I keep having this feeling that I've forgotten something about the well. Oh well, no time to waste.}
{156}{}{Could someone help me out here?}
{158}{}{Ooooh! Moss! I'm hungry!}
{159}{}{It's crawling on me! Oh God!}
{160}{}{I'm gonna get you for this!}
{161}{}{Oh my god! Morlocks!}
{162}{}{[whistle] When I'm a little scared, I [shudder] sing this merry song... [whistle]}
{164}{}{I suppose a secret passage would be too much to ask for.}
{165}{}{What's going on up there?}

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