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The CAWS, short for Close Assault Weapons System, shotgun is a useful tool for close-range combat. The bullpup layout gives the weapon a short, easily handleableIn-game spelling, length while still retaining enough barrel length for its high velocity shells.Fallout 2 description

The H&K CAWS (Close Assault Weapons System) is a small gun in Fallout 2.


This is the superior version of the combat shotgun, but also a fair bit more expensive. It has a longer range and more shells per burst but at the cost of smaller magazine capacity. It does more damage per shot than the FN FAL, but deals less damage per burst. Additionally, it is a very lightweight weapon.


  • There are many locations this weapon can be found, but the earliest opportunity where one can acquire it is during a random encounter with a slaver outside Vault City.
  • A raider in Vault 15 also has this weapon.
  • It is used by some of the attackers during the quest Complete brahmin drive.
  • Toad Morton carries one of these weapons.

Behind the scenes

The H&K CAWS is a reference to the real world H&K CAWS prototype shotgun.