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Gwinnett Brewery or Button Gwinnett Brewery is a location in the South Boston neighborhood of Boston in 2287.


This craft brewery was founded by local brewer Button Gwinnett, who is the namesake of the founding father.[Non-canon 1] The brewery was best known for the award-winning beers it bottled and produced prior to the Great War. The local favorite Southie Stout was voted "Boston's Best Beer" in 2051 and 2062.[Non-canon 1]

The brewery was also known for producing other renowned types of Gwinnett-brand beer such as Pale Ale, Peabody Pilsner, Dead Redcoat Ale, and the Bunker Hill Brew.[Non-canon 2] Tours of both the craft and seasonal wings were offered on-site at the brewery, costing $59 per visit. The tours were held every half-hour by certified employees of the restaurant, lasting from noon to eight o'clock.

Tours of the primary brewing operation were available, costing $119 and held at various hours in the afternoon. Free samplings were given following the tour, with souvenir pint glasses distributed to guests taking part in tours of the main brewing operation.[1] Customers could purchase beer, both regular and seasonal from the Gwinnett brewery's gift shop, in various sizes, from a single pint all the way up to a keg.[1] Various promotional merchandise, including t-shirts, were also available.

Customers of the Gwinnett brewery included the Hotel Rexford, the the Shamrock Taphouse, and Boston's baseball stadium.[2] Another local operation, the Beantown Brewery, produced at least one Gwinnett-brand beer, the Bunker Hill Brew.


A broken water pipe at the bottom of the ramp from the entrance leads between the brewery and the Gwinnett Restaurant. The bottom level of the brewery is inhabited by approximately five mirelurks hidden in mud piles and five egg clutches.

A small plank ramp on the southeast wall leads onto some pipes for access to the pipes and catwalks of the higher levels, and from there up to the roof. On the roof are two office pods. One can be accessed by shooting the door bar through the window. The other has an Advanced lock.

Notable loot

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor issue #6 - On a desk next to a terminal, in an office on the northwest wall, on the higher catwalk level inside the building. The Sole Survivor needs to climb up some pipes to reach it.
  • Gwinnett stout recipe - On the main brewery's roof behind a barred door. The door can be opened by shooting the bar through the window. The recipe must be ejected from the terminal inside.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - Behind the plywood in the reception area.

Related quests


  • It is possible to easily access the roof directly by jumping onto the delivery semi-trailer parked in the loading dock and then to the roof.
  • When at this location companions make comments, which are activated at two locations: the entrance and at the brewing floor.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait entrance "I'd say that's about a week's supply."
brewing floor "I wonder if this was the vat for "Bunker Hill Brew" or "Dead Redcoat Ale?""
Codsworth entrance "Up for a tour of the ol' brewery, sir/mum? I can't imagine they charge... although I can't vouch for the safety either."
brewing floor "I'd be very dubious of the quality here. Sanitation looks to be at an all time low."
Curie entrance "Excess of drink is the cause of many health problems."
brewing floor "Ah, the famed Gwinnett Brewery. It was one of the oldest in America."
Danse entrance "According to Brotherhood records, Gwinnett Brewery was named after Button Gwinnett, one of the first to sign the Declaration of Independence."
brewing floor "I would advise against trying any "samples" unless you want to end up puking your guts out."
Deacon entrance "Ah, for the lack of a brewer."
brewing floor "Gwinnett Brewery. Now that's the stuff."
Hancock entrance "Now that is a lot of beer."
brewing floor "You know, I like a drink as much as the next Ghoul, but looking around, I'm thinking I might just stick to chems."
MacCready entrance "Gwinnett... Gwinnett... why is that name so familiar? I heard it back in the Capital Wasteland, but I can't remember why."
brewing floor "Ugh, gross. This place smells horrible. This might put me off drinking beer for a while."
Nick Valentine entrance "That's enough to get a Super Mutant hammered."
brewing floor "Sure could make a lot of hooch back here."
Piper Wright entrance "Bet it was a big disappointment when to the local drunks when found out that thing's empty."
brewing floor "Do you know where your suds have been?"
Preston Garvey entrance "Look at that, the famous Gwinnett Brewery. Should we take a tour?"
brewing floor "Think there's anything still drinkable in here?"
X6-88 entrance "I've seen a lot of people up here try to drown their troubles. They all end up as radroach food."
brewing floor "I've seen men kill each other for a single swig of this stuff. Pathetic."


Gwinnett Brewery only appears in Fallout 4.




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