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Channel the spirit of the Old West!— Perk card description

Gunslinger is an Agility-based perk in Fallout 76.


The first rank of the perk grants 10% increased damage with semi-automatic pistols, with the two subsequent ranks each granting additional 5%, for a maximum increase of 20%.


Rank Description Form ID
1 Your non-automatic pistols now do +15% more damage. 0031AEFA
2 Your non-automatic pistols now do +10% more damage. 0031AEFB
3 Your non-automatic pistols now do +20% more damage. 0031AEFC

Affected weapons

Base weapon Variant(s)
.44 pistol Medical Malpractice
Somerset Special
The Fact Finder
Voice of Set
10mm pistol Anti-Scorched training pistol
Alien blaster The V.A.T.S. Unknown
Black powder pistol Black powder blunderbuss
Enclave plasma pistol -
Flare gun -
Gamma gun 2 -
Gauss pistol -
Laser pistol Acceptable Overkill
Pipe bolt-action pistol 1 -
Pipe pistol -
Pipe revolver 1 -
Plasma pistol Mind Over Matter
Slug Buster
Salvaged Assaultron head -
Single action revolver Fancy single action revolver
Ultracite laser pistol -
Western revolver -

1 Weapons that are still affected by Gunslinger while a rifle stock is attached.
2 Although the Gamma gun signal repeater mod sets the weapon to automatic, it is not treated as an automatic pistol. Thus, it is still affected by this perk.

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