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Guns and Bullets is a skill book in Fallout 3.


Reading this book permanently improves the Small Guns skill of the player character by one point (two with the Comprehension perk).


Closest map markerLocation description
Alexandria ArmsOn a desk on the second floor, near a terminal.
Arlington LibraryTop floor of the children's wing, accessed by way of the media wing.
Arlington LibraryIn the Pulowski Preservation shelter immediately outside and to the north.
Chaste Acres Dairy FarmIn a mailbox across the street from the unmarked gas station to the west of the farm.
Chryslus BuildingReception area, northern room.
CitadelIn A Ring, in the den, under one of the beds.
Dickerson Tabernacle ChapelIn the tabernacle, among the ammunition boxes on the north side.
Everglow National CampgroundIn the silver trailer that serves as the main raider lair.
Falls Church/Mason Dst MetroIn Franklin Metro utility, downstairs in the center of the second room, in a gated off area on a desk with a shotgun, some missiles, and a Stealth Boy.
Flooded metroFirst big open room behind left (west) pillar with a skeleton.
Fort BannisterBunker area, in the easternmost locker room on top of a gun cabinet.
Fort ConstantineCO quarters, on the bed.
Fort ConstantineBehind a Very Hard locked door in the bomb storage of Fort Constantine accessed through the launch control bunker, needing Ted Strayer's and Dukov's special keys.
GrayditchAn abandoned home in eastern Grayditch
Hubris ComicsSecond story of a destroyed brick building in the southwest corner of the outdoor square (south of the entrances to Hubris Comics and the metro).
Hamilton's hideawayIn the locked weapons stash. The key can be obtained by completing the quest "Galaxy News Radio" if one already knows James' location before returning to Three Dog.
Mama Dolce'sIn the the loading yard, on the floor next to a Chinese remnant sergeant who is stationed as a sniper on the western upper level.
Mama Dolce'sAt the processed foods section, in a men's bathroom stall on the ground floor underneath a pile of burned books.
MDPL mass relay stationPower station, on a table immediately to the left after entering through the wooden door.
Museum of TechnologyOn a desk in a hidden room in the west wing, near the rocket display. Jump down from above or walk along adjacent thin railing to reach.
Red Racer factoryTo the east, in a raider shop located in a dead-end alley on the counter.
Regulator HQUnder bed next to Sonora Cruz. Can only be reached with the Lawbringer perk.
Relay tower KX-B8-11Southeast, in an outhouse located at the hilltop farm ruins.
Rockbreaker's Last GasIn the sniper shack to the west.
ScrapyardIn an ammunition container in the burned out bus near the red railroad car northwest of the building that is north of the office (not the same red car where Dogmeat is found). One can get the key from the random encounter More Than Just Scrap, or by picking the Hard lock.


The skill book found in Regulator HQ requires the player character to have the Lawbringer perk to be able to obtain it. This effectively reduces the total number of Small Guns skill books to 24, for those that are not interested in choosing the perk.