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For an overview of this item's appearances in the Fallout series of games, see Guns and Bullets.

Guns and Bullets is a skill book in Fallout: New Vegas.


Reading this book permanently increases the player's Guns skill by 3 points (4 if you have the Comprehension perk).


With the add-on Old World Blues, this skill book can be crafted by the player.

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Guns and Bullets (1)
Note: the recipe is consumed as part of the crafting process - meaning only one book can be crafted.


Other than being crafted, the skill book can be found in the following locations.

Closest map markerLocation description
GomorrahIn Big Sal's office, up the stairs from the main level of Brimstone. It is on the first low bookshelf on the left as you walk in (must be stolen).
Nevada Highway Patrol stationOn the desk without the computer in the entrance open-plan office room, nearest the door leading to the cells
Raul's shackInside the shack, in the wooden crate next to the door
Sierra Madre Casino Gametitle-FNV DMGo to the second floor and jump on to the support beams. From there, jump down into the cashier's caged area. The book is on the floor behind the cashier's desk.
Vault 34On the small metal table between the sofas by the pool table, in the armory common room. (No need to unlock armory etc. through overseer office)
Hopeville armory Gametitle-FNV LRUnderneath the desk in northeast corner, with a bed that can be slept on.


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