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For an overview of this item's appearances in various games, see Guns and Bullets.
A gun rag. A magazine devoted to the practical use of firearms, and the occasional biased review.

Guns and Bullets is a skill book in Fallout and Fallout 2.


Useful mostly for beginners in the wonderful world of small arms, Guns and Bullets permanently improves the Small Guns skill level. However, reading alone will not make a marksman; the higher the reader's skill in Small Guns, the smaller the skill increase will be. At very high levels, the magazine will do nothing at all. Specifically, once the skill reaches 92%, the book will cease use (this applies to all skill books in Fallout & Fallout 2). It is however possible to adjust this through the difficulty setting, or by temporarily lowering one's SPECIAL attributes (and the corresponding skills) through drug use.



Closest map markerLocation description
CathedralTower, level 3, on bookshelf
BoneyardFollowers Of The Apocalypse Library, 1st room to the left, on the floor
GlowLevel 5, in locker
The HubMerchant: Mrs. Stapleton in Downtown
JunktownCasino, on Gizmo's bookshelf
Mariposa Military BaseStronghold, level 1, on the floor
NecropolisHall, in desk
Khan BaseOuthouse, NW of the main building

Fallout 2

Closest map markerLocation description
Klamath DowntownIn a bookcase in the building near the transfer grid to the Grazing Grounds.
Toxic cavesDesk inside the storage bunker.
Den West SideIn a bookcase inside Lara's gang hideout.
Den East SideIn a shelf inside Metzger's personal room (use stealth to open the door, or sleep with him if female).
ModocOn the ground at the toilets, next to Grisham's house.
Ghost FarmOn one of the skinless Slags.
Vault CityIn a bookcase inside John Cassidy's room in his bar.
Vault CityInside a locked desk next to Stark. Become Captain of the Guard to get this book without violence.
New Reno Shark Club One floor above the Ground Floor.In the left-hand room second from the bottom, on the upper right hand shelves. Use alcohol to lower the bald thug's perception by 9, then use Sneak to get the book.
New Reno Desperado Ground Floor.In the middle room with the terminal a guard is watching over, check the desk, it's in there, use Sneak to get the book.
New Reno ArmsOn the collapsed shelves in Eldridge's quarters. You need to injure the dog enough to cause it to flee, or kill the dog, to get to it.
Mercenaries' caveIn the safe.
ReddingIn Ascorti's office, in the casino. Either lockpick the door, or go down the outside well, then come up in the back room.
Sierra Army DepotIn the locker in the barracks, level one.
NavarroOn the shelves in the Commander's office
NavarroIn the middle locker in the Vertibird hangar.
San FranciscoSold by Lao Chou at Flying Dragon 8.
Enclave Oil RigIn the desk at the security checkpoint, Detention level.
Enclave Oil RigIn the desk in the storage room, Barracks level.
New California RepublicMerchant: Buster in the Bazaar.
San FranciscoMerchant: Jenna in the General Store of the Oil Tanker.
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