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Once the local office of Galaxy News Network, GNN Plaza is now the headquarters of the Gunners, the Commonwealth's most organized and dangerous mercenary group.Fallout 4 loading screens

The Gunners plaza is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.[2]


Before the Great War the building was the local broadcasting station, serving the Boston area for Galaxy News Network and Telecoms Communications Inc.[1] In 2287, the largely intact building has become the headquarters for the Gunners, a large mercenary group operating in the Commonwealth, who are led by Captain Wes.[3]


There are three ways to enter the building: the front gates let one enter on the first floor, on the left or the right of the first room, the elevator on the roof lets one reach the basement and the wooden door on the balcony guides one to the second floor. A second elevator connects the basement to the first floor.

The front gates are guarded by several Gunners on foot and two automated turrets. The roof is accessed by metallic stairs at the western side of the building. The balcony is accessed by going down some stairs once on the roof. At higher levels, the gunners guarding the roof can be found to use a Fat Man or a missile launcher.

On the first floor, right near the entrance, there is a Protectron (Novice terminal). An armor workbench can be found on the roof and there is a cooking station on the balcony. Another armor workbench and a weapons workbench can be found in the basement. A chemistry station with supplies is located in the recording room on the first floor.

Notable loot

First floor

Second floor


  • Ryder's holotape and GNN recording room key - On Ryder's body.
  • Stealth Boy - In the big room, darkened northeast corner. It is sitting behind some pipes inside a small wooden box on the floor on top of a wooden pallet next to a blue barrel. Next to a "Use your head" poster and close to a burning barrel in the area near a small office shack with the forklift in front of it.


  • Fusion core - On the roof in a small room behind the elevator.

Related quests


  • If one happens to send a provisioner from Egret Tours Marina or Jamaica Plain to the Murkwater construction site, they will come across the plaza's front doors and on higher levels stand no chance against several incoming Fat Man nukes from a Gunner captain high up on the roof, in addition to the other Gunners, so an alternate route is recommended.
  • This building, particularly the giant circular room on the ground floor with the globe sculpture, contains an extraordinary amount of general loot: caps, ammo, junk and technical documents. There are tons of desks and file cabinets along that perimeter.
  • If the player character clears this location and comes back after a few in-game days, raiders will appear just outside the building.
  • When sneaking, two Gunners can be overheard having a conversation about how to break into a Master locked safe located adjacent to the armor workbench in the basement.
  • In the optional part of the Molecular Level to find a sensor module, it labels Gunners plaza as Telecoms Communication Inc.
  • The quests Learning Curve and A Permanent Solution refer to the Gunners plaza as GNN.

Companion comments

  • When at this location companions make comments, which are activated at two locations: the main entrance of the atrium writer's room, and the cafeteria, just before the staircase.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Writer's room "Here's a newsflash... everyone died when the bombs fell. No one left to tell that story."
Cafeteria "You feelin' a draft in here?"
Codsworth Writer's room "I can't imagine the rush this place felt when they got word of the first bombings."
Cafeteria "Would've been nice to have a spot of tea here back then with all the natural light."
Curie Writer's room "This is GNN. So much fine journalism here."
Danse Writer's room "The Brotherhood finds the press to be... a necessary evil. In times of war, propaganda is just as important as bullets."
Cafeteria "Watch your footing, there are pieces of glass everywhere."
Deacon Writer's room "This just in, world explodes. News at 11."
Cafeteria "The Old World must've been something else back in its prime."
John Hancock Writer's room "So this is a "writer's pit?" How the hell could anyone fight with all these desks in here?"
Cafeteria "Dome's seen better days."
Robert MacCready Writer's room "I wonder how many of these people stayed to report the news when the bombs started falling."
Cafeteria "This must have been a great place to relax before everything went to hell."
Nick Valentine Writer's room "Nice set up for a bunch of mudslingers."
Cafeteria "Was probably real nice before it was covered in glass shards."
Piper Wright Writer's room "So many people dedicated to finding out the truth."
Cafeteria "Spared no expense it would seem."
Preston Garvey Writer's room "Piper ought to see this place."
Cafeteria "Look at that... I hope it stays up there a few more minutes."
X6-88 Writer's room "What a meaningless life, pushing papers around all day."
Cafeteria "Some of this glass is still sharp. Be careful."


The Gunners plaza appears only in Fallout 4.



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