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This is a transcript for dialogue with Winlock.


1COMMacCreadyGoodneighborStart00034671{Disgust} Can't say I'm surprised to find you in a dump like this, MacCready.MacCready: I was wondering how long it would take your bloodhounds to track me down, Winlock.A1a
20003466FMacCready: Should we take this outside?{Angry} It ain't like that. I'm just here to deliver a message.MacCready: In case you forgot, I left the Gunners for good.A1a
30003466DMacCready: In case you forgot, I left the Gunners for good.{Irritated} Yeah, I heard.A1a
4{Angry} But you're still taking jobs in the Commonwealth. That isn't going to work for us.MacCready: I don't take orders from you... not anymore. So why don't you take your girlfriend and walk out of here while you still can.A1b
50003466ACOMMacABarnes: What?! Winlock, tell me we don't have to listen to this shit...{Angry} Listen up, MacCready.A1a
6{Angry} The only reason we haven't filled your body full of bullets is that we don't want a war with Goodneighbor.A1b
7{Angry} See, we respect other people's boundaries... we know how to play the game. It's something you never learned.MacCready: Glad to have disappointed you.A1c
800034668MacCready: Glad to have disappointed you.{Angry} You can play the tough guy all you want. But if we hear you're still operating inside Gunner territory, all bets are off. You got that?MacCready: You finished?A1a
900034666MacCready: You finished?{Angry} Yeah... we're finished.A1a
10{Irritated} Come on, Barnes.A1b
11-000A7D05{someone taps you on the shoulder, you're dismissive / Irritated} Get out of my face.A