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We manufacture weapons and ammunition. We've been at this for the last 30 years. But the last 10 have been hell.Gabriel

The Gun Runners are a weapons manufacturer and merchant company operating out of the Fortress in the Boneyard in 2161. By 2281, the company has further expanded to offer branches throughout New California, as well as one near the Strip in the Mojave Wasteland.


Early years[]

The people who would establish the Gun Runners were originally a small-time gang from the Hub,[1] which moved south into the Boneyard around 2131. The promise of new territory and influence appealed to them. They did indeed find it, though not in the way they expected it.[2] The gang settled into a factory in northeast Los Angeles. On top of usual gang activities, the Gun Runners started trading weapons taken from their marks or imported from their contacts back at the Hub to local communities and gangs.[3]

The profits made on this deal prompted them to abandon their gang ties and focus on trade. Rather than keep importing weapons, the Gun Runners decided to put the machines inside the factory to use. Coupled with an abundant supply of scrap metal around their factory,[4] they quickly established themselves as machinists and gunsmiths, capable of manufacturing military-grade weapons and ammunition[5] with the use of pre-War schematics.[6]

The independent metal supply lasted until 2151,[5] when they had to start importing raw materials from Adytum to sustain their business. They adopted the Gun Runners name in 2155, formally establishing their business.[7] The situation was stable and generated profits for both sides, until 2158, when the Regulators established their rule over Adytum. Exploiting the Gun Runners' reliance on imports, the Regulators started squeezing the Gun Runners, buying their weapons at bargain prices and pocketing the difference in value upon resale. Although the Gun Runners grew desperate in search of another source of supply,[8] the deathclaws, which took up residence in the Boneyard made finding one or moving shop entirely an impossibility. The entire situation was a problem for Gabriel, their informal leader, especially since the deathclaws kept driving customers away and leaving Zack, their master merchant, without much to do.[9]

New California Republic[]

The Gun Runners survived the problems with the deathclaws and Adytum, continuing to rise in prominence as the primary suppliers of high-quality weapons and ammunition in New California, eventually becoming one of the two oldest and most influential merchant houses in the nascent New California Republic, together with Crimson Caravan.[10] Their influence grew further with the foundation of the New California Republic Army. As the standing army required weapons and ammunition, the Gun Runners answered that call. In time, they became what was commonly called an unofficial branch of the army.[11]

By 2281, they dominate the conventional weapons market from the Boneyard to New Vegas.[12] Army contracts account for a substantial part of their business, up to 90% in contested regions such as New Vegas and Hoover Dam.[13] Their influence is the envy of competing businesses, but the Gun Runners wield too much influence in New California for either Crimson Caravan or the Van Graffs to do anything about it.[14] Their weapons are also utilized by NCR presidential bodyguards.[15]


The Gun Runners are a decentralized, loosely organized company of machinists and weaponsmiths, focusing on creating the finest high-grade weapons and ammunition for everyone in need of a firearm. Although they started with a single factory in the Boneyard, over a century of growth and expansion resulted in numerous additional centers of manufacturing opening across New California.[16][11] Gun Runner caravans deliver finished ordnance and are typically comprised of one of two brahmin loaded with weapons and a large escort of well-armed guards. On the off chance that the guards are killed, the weapons cases are rigged to explode if someone without proper clearance tries to access them.[17]

Decentralizing production by relying on local factories with short delivery routes allowed the Gun Runners to practically monopolize the conventional weapons market. Weapons are constructed on-site using military schematics, ensuring consistent quality,[6] and delivered to all nearby clients purchasing in bulk or sold to individual customers.[18][19] This is particularly important in the Mojave Wasteland, where the local factory is a crucial element of the NCR's logistical chain and can respond to changes in demand as soon as they can be communicated to Isaac, the factory's informal leader.[20]

Isaac exemplifies another unique part of Gun Runners' culture: instead of imposing a strict hierarchy, the Runners rely on a flat organization where experts in their fields (gunsmiths, guards, supply managers) collaborate for the benefit of the company, without a boss to impose their will upon them. None of them would do anything to upset this arrangement, as working for the Gun Runners is considered one of the best professions in the wasteland.[21]

This flat organization does not mean they are incapable of navigating the politics of the NCR. The Gun Runners hold a great deal of political influence, using their lobbyists to ensure any measures that impact their business do not leave the Senate - especially if they're tariffs proposed by their nearest competitors.[14] Furthermore, they will use lethal force to defend their factories and curtail industrial espionage[6] or retaliate against competitors who have slighted them. The measures range from assassination[22] to using their influence to deny them access to various markets.[23]

Outside relations[]

As one of the two largest merchant houses of the New California Republic, the Gun Runners are its natural allies and the single biggest supplier of weapons and ammunition. They are the number one supplier of weapons and ammunition to the Republic's Army and its citizens, and as such are major rivals of the Van Graffs and Crimson Caravan. As mentioned above, some Gun Runners even jokingly refer to their company as an unofficial branch of the Army.[11] The Army accounts for 90% of the Gun Runners' business in the Mojave alone.[13]


Gun Runner gunsmith

A Gun Runner workshop at New Vegas, 2281.

Over 150 years of accumulated experience in machining and manufacturing weapons and ammunition have made the Gun Runners one of the most capable organizations in the wasteland. The Gun Runners can manufacture weapons and ammunition in mass quantities to supply the burgeoning NCR Army, as well as refurbish and restore old and damaged weapons to full functionality.[24] Although the Gun Runners primarily use old military schematics to manufacture weapons,[6] they frequently study and reverse-engineer new weapons to expand their offer. This has resulted in numerous unique weapons, many of which rarely appear outside of New California.[Non-game 1] A number of these appeared on the market in the Mojave Wasteland.[25]

Despite their skill and refinement, the Gun Runners refuse to deal in energy weapons by 2281, due to every caravan that carried these weapons being wiped out or ambushed. The Gun Runners believe it was a rogue unit of the Brotherhood of Steel and rather than deal with the constant losses, they abandoned the market to the Van Graffs entirely.[26][Non-game 2] Despite this, they retain the capability to make new energy weapons, even if they refrain from doing so currently.


The Gun Runners appear in Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes[]

The 10 of Hearts card in the Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Caravan deck represents the Gun Runners with two vices and several bullet casings.



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