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This is a transcript for dialogue with Isaac.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I don't handle buying and selling for the Gun Runners. Talk to the robot in the kiosk near our factory. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Can I help you? 2
VDialogueVegasEastNVIsaacTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Later. 3
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic000 So you work for the Gun Runners? Neutral 50 For around five years now. I handle the supply ends of things - raw materials and stuff. 4
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic001 Who are the Gun Runners? Happy 20 Makers of the finest high-grade weapons and ammunition in the wasteland. 5
Happy 25 If you ever get your hands on a piece of sweet, deadly hardware, there's a good chance that it came from one of our factories. 6
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic002 Contreras sent me. McCarran needs a lot more guns and ammo. Neutral 50 Shit. Is he serious? The 25% increase in weapons is doable, but a 50% increase in ammunition is nuts. 7
Neutral 50 We just don't have the supplies on hand to meet that kind of demand for new weapons. 8
< Barter 80 >
Arrange a temporary supply deal with other merchants. It'll still lead to a profit for you. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I guess we'll have to. If Caesar's Legion drives the NCR from the area, there goes ninety percent of our business. 9
Neutral 50 I don't like the idea of buying supplies from our competition, but it's only temporary. We'll call in extra supplies from our distributors. 10
Neutral 50 Let Contreras know we'll have the extra guns and ammo ready for the next shipment. 11
Just buy the supplies from the other merchants around here. Easy enough. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Oh hell, no. Working with our competition is not an option. 12
< Speech 80 >
Gun Runners are skilled enough to refurbish weapons like new, right? You're overthinking this. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] You're right. I suppose we could refurbish used and damaged weapons to fill the order. 13
Neutral 50 They'll be in like new condition and then we can use our loader to make fresh ammo from spent brass. 14
Neutral 50 We'll have to wait a few days for gunpowder, but this might just work out. Tell Contreras the extra guns and ammo will be in the next shipment. 15
Just give McCarran some used weapons. I mean, as long as they work, right? Neutral 50 [FAILED] Sorry, but blackening our reputation with our biggest client isn't worth the risk. 16
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic005 Never mind. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 No problem. 17
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic006 Maybe I could help you out with those supplies. Neutral 50 Well, I guess so. Look. We just need metal, and lots of it. 18
Neutral 50 We can handle the weapons, we just need extra scrap to melt down for the bullets. 19
Neutral 50 I'll give you some caps for each piece of metal you can bring me. Anything like scrap, cans, or any basic junk made of metal will do. 20
Neutral 50 I'll need at least 100 pieces to have enough for the bullets. I'll cash in whatever you've got until we have enough. Good luck. 21
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic007 Any chance I could get a tour of the Gun Runner factory? Neutral 50 None whatsoever. Everything inside the fence is off-limits, and the guards have strict orders to shoot to kill. 22
Neutral 50 A lot of our high-end weaponry comes from Pre-War military schematics. If our competition got a hold of them, it'd be bad for business. 23
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic008 I've got some scrap for you. Neutral 50 Alright, whatcha got? 24
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic009 Tin cans. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 25
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic010 Scrap metal. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 26
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic011 Irons. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 27
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic012 Pressure cookers. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 28
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic013 Metal cooking pans. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 29
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic014 Coffee pots. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 30
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic015 Hot plates. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 31
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic016 Metal cooking pots. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 32
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic017 Pots. Neutral 50 Thanks, that'll help. 33
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic018 Never mind. Neutral 50 Well, keep at it. 34
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic019 Do you have enough scrap metal yet? Neutral 50 No, not yet. 35
Do you have enough scrap metal yet? Neutral 50 It looks like that last bit you brought me was enough to fill the quota. 36
Neutral 50 Here are the caps I promised you. Make sure to let Contreras know the extra guns and ammo will be in the next shipment. 37
vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic020 Who's in charge of the Gun Runners? Neutral 50 Out here, we don't have bosses. Me, the gunsmiths, and the guards all know what we're supposed to be doing. 38
Neutral 50 Working for the Gun Runners is a sweet job. None of us would dare screw it up. 39


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Later. 40