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For an overview of gum drops, see gum drops.


Gum drops are a consumable in Fallout: New Vegas.


Gum drops restore some HP and cause little to no radiation poisoning, but they are very rare. While the box states that they are "Radioactive," the gumdrops have a lower radiation count than other food items (1, as opposed to 3). Because of this, even a slight radiation resistance can negate this, rendering it essentially zero. Gum drops are one of the rarest consumables in the game.

Gum drops are much more common in Fallout: New Vegas as opposed to their Fallout 3 counterpart, which was one of the rarest items in the Capital Wasteland. Gum drops are used in the creation of Mushroom Cloud.

Survival skill effect

10+1 Hit Point 
20+1 Hit Point 
30+1 Hit Point 
40+1 Hit Point 
50+2 Hit Point 
60+2 Hit Point 
70+2 Hit Point 
80+2 Hit Point 
90+2 Hit Point 
100+3 Hit Point 
Note: Radiation is not affected by Survival skill level.



If the Courier has either gum drops or bubblegum in their inventory when talking to some of the Mini Boomers, an option appears to offer radioactive candy. If chosen, this will earn Boomers Infamy and the Courier will no longer be able to pass a Charisma check with that Mini Boomer for fame. If the Charisma check has already been passed, this will not work, as that Mini Boomer will no longer have the dialogue option.