Prevent Discordant Forces from Interrupting your Guided Meditation.

Event: Guided Meditation is an event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

The objective of this event is to defend four speakers from attackers. These attackers can range from ghouls to super mutants that will be leveled dependent on the player character. Broken speakers may be repaired. Depending on the number of speakers intact once the event timer expires, participating players will be rewarded with the level 1-4 Zen Mastery effect.

Detailed walkthrough

Players are directed to the courtyard of the Palace of the Winding Path to light the Brazier of Enlightenment, which is located at the very center of the courtyard. From there, players will have 30 seconds to prepare their defense of four speakers for five minutes from waves of Super Mutants.

Once the preparation phase is completed, super mutants and mutant hounds will begin to spawn between the courtyard and ponds. These super mutants will prioritize the four speakers over players, which means that they will move quickly and will usually need to be attacked first before engaging players rather than the speakers.

The speakers are located throughout the palace grounds, and are always in the same positions:

  • Speaker One is located to the immediate north, just up the stairs from the starting Brazier.
  • Speaker Two is located in the large central building's upper floors, in the center of a vaulted meditation room. It on the same level as the first speaker.
  • Speaker Three is located to the southwest of the Brazier, down the main outdoor staircase and beneath a gazebo located along the western side of the pond.
  • Speaker Four is located on the eastern exterior of the wall surrounding the central courtyard, beneath a pagoda to the southeast of the Brazier.

Based on the positions of speakers and the spawning locations for the Super Mutants, Speaker Four and Three will be attacked the most. If a solid defense is put up, Speakers One and Two can be reliably defended if all enemies are killed at Three and Four.

Super Mutants with ranged weapons will usually fire upon the speakers at a far enough distance were they are not an immediate danger to the Speakers. However, melee attackers, particularly Mutant Hounds, will travel straight towards the speakers and can quickly damage or destroy them if not dealt with immediately.

Once the five minute timer is up without all four speakers being destroyed at once, participating players will be rewarded based on the number of surviving speakers.

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Light the Brazier of TranscendenceIt's time for Guided Meditation at the Palace of the Winding Path! Light the Brazier of Transcendence to begin the ritual.
? [0:30] Prepare for Guided MeditationThe Brazier of Transcendence is lit! Guided Meditation will begin soon.
? Defend the First Mediation HubGuided meditation has begun at the Palace of the Winding Path. Stop the Discordant Forces attempting to silence the Meditation Hubs and repair any Hubs that they destroy.
? Defend the Second Mediation Hub
? Defend the Third Mediation Hub
? Defend the Fourth Mediation Hub
? The First Mediation Hub requires repair!
? The Second Mediation Hub requires repair!
? The Third Mediation Hub requires repair!
?Icon checkThe Fourth Mediation Hub requires repair!

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