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Prevent Discordant Forces from Interrupting your Guided Meditation.

Event: Guided Meditation is a public event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

The objective of this event is to defend four speakers, which are labeled as "meditation hubs", from attackers. These attackers will be leveled dependent on the player character. Broken speakers may be repaired. Depending on the number of speakers intact once the event timer expires, participating players will be rewarded with the level 1-4 Zen Mastery effect. If all four speakers are simultaneously destroyed when time runs out, the event will end in failure.

Detailed walkthrough

The player character will be directed to the courtyard of the Palace of the Winding Path to light the Brazier of Enlightenment, which is located at the very center of the courtyard. From there, they will have 30 seconds to prepare their defense of four Meditation Hubs for five minutes from waves of feral ghouls.

Once the preparation phase is completed, feral ghouls will begin to spawn between the courtyard and ponds. These feral ghouls will prioritize the four speakers over the player character, which means that they will move quickly and will usually need to be attacked first before engaging the player character rather than the speakers.

The 'Meditation Hubs' are speakers that are located throughout the palace grounds, and are always in the same positions:

  • The first Interior Meditation Hub is located in the large central building's upper floors, in the center of a vaulted meditation room. It on the same level as the first speaker. Expect to find some Scorched in the same room as the speaker and downstairs.
  • The second Courtyard Meditation Hub is located to the immediate north, just up the stairs from the starting Brazier.
  • The third Bridge Meditation Hub is located to the southwest of the Brazier, down the main outdoor staircase and beneath a gazebo located along the western side of the pond.
  • The fourth Side Meditation Hub is located on the eastern exterior of the wall surrounding the central courtyard, beneath a pagoda to the southeast of the Brazier.

Based on the positions of speakers and the spawning locations for the feral ghouls, the Bridge and Side Meditation Hubs will be attacked the most. If a solid defense is put up, the Interior and Courtyard Meditation Hubs can be safely ignored.

Once the five minute timer is up without all four speakers being destroyed at once, the player character will be rewarded based on the number of surviving speakers.

Zen Mastery

While the event is active, the participating players receive an upgraded version of the Zen Mastery buff. This is a unique Health Regen buff, so it stacks with other Health Regen buffs. The magnitude of the buff is dependent on the number of active speakers.

  • Rank 1: +100% Health Regen
  • Rank 2: +200% Health Regen
  • Rank 3: +300% Health Regen
  • Rank 4: +400% Health Regen

After the event completes, the player is awarded a temporary Zen Mastery buff. This is the same unique Health Regen buff, but at a smaller magnitude. The duration is dependent on the number of active speakers at the time of the event ending.

  • Rank 1: +33% Health Regen for 15 minutes
  • Rank 2: +33% Health Regen for 20 minutes
  • Rank 3: +33% Health Regen for 25 minutes
  • Rank 4: +33% Health Regen for 30 minutes

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Light the Brazier of TranscendenceIt's time for Guided Meditation at the Palace of the Winding Path! Light the Brazier of Transcendence to begin the ritual.
20 [0:30] Prepare for Guided MeditationThe Brazier of Transcendence is lit! Guided Meditation will begin soon.
30 Prep Time Done - The Fun Begins!Guided meditation has begun at the Palace of the Winding Path. Stop the Discordant Forces attempting to silence the Meditation Hubs and repair any Hubs that they destroy.
40 EncounterWaveBegin
50 The Interior Mediation Hub requires repair!
60 The Courtyard Mediation Hub requires repair!
70 The Bridge Mediation Hub requires repair!
80 The Side Mediation Hub requires repair!
90 First Hub Repaired
100 Second Hub Repaired
110 Third Hub Repaired
120 Fourth Hub Repaired
200 Late join cutoff. Event map marker hidden.
210Quest failedTIMER ENDS - Brazier was never lit.
255Quest finishedTIMER ENDS - Complete Quest
300Quest failedFail Quest - All hubs were destroyed or the event never got initiated by lighting brazier
500 Cleanup Stage
9991Quest failedBrazier wasn't lit in time


  • Guided Meditation used to spawn either feral ghouls or super mutants with mutant hounds. This was changed when they reworked the Public Events system.
  • Guided Meditation did not have a voice modulator on the spiritual guide's voice until the Public Event system patch.