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Guestbook is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found in Flatwoods in the Responders' meeting hall behind the tavern on a chalkboard.



"It's in His hands now." -Delbert
"I know my dad and brother are okay, but I lost so many friends... so many. I think of the constantly. I only hope some of them made it..." -Dassa
"I just hope everybody's ok in the vaults." -Willie Mae
"'When a door closes, another door opens.' Or maybe a window." -Miguel
"We don't need to grieve because nobody really died, they're just different now." -Scott
"I didn't lose anything in the war... in fact, I have a better life now. But condolences to anyone who lost loved ones..." -Garry
"Grieving is not very productive." -Lucas