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Kale and I made it to the top yesterday. The survey team was right. Guardian Peak has one hell of a view, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.— Sergeant Banner, Camp Guardian daily log page 7

Guardian Peak is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. The former NCR Camp Guardian is situated on its northern slope, south-southeast of Ranger Station Bravo.


A group of NCR soldiers were sent by a New California Republic survey team to clear the old hiking trails and establish an observation base. The soldiers were under the command of Sergeant Banner, who efficiently led the reclamation of the area. They immediately faced difficulties requisitioning a radio and proper supplies, such as Cateye.

On the fifth day of this effort, a soldier named Jackson began to report strange noises like howling in the darkness. Banner dismissed these reports early on, blaming it on the wind, or even a pre-existing condition of Jackson's until he himself started hearing splashes down in the water. In their rock blasting to create the trails, they uncovered a cave that led straight into the mountain. The sergeant was not informed of any caves by the survey team and blamed them for not catching this during the initial survey. A team was sent in, which included Private Halford, to explore the caves.


The peak itself is devoid of NCR soldiers, but is populated with numerous giant rats and several radscorpions. At the foot of the mountain, a pre-War sign for Mount Guardian Peak is posted, displaying an elevation of 2,667 ft. It has been modified to read "Camp Guardian Peak" with an elevation of "really high" and addition of population which is noted as "12-ish." A long man-made trail consisting of several bridges, stairs, and walkway fences guide the way to the summit, where Camp Guardian is found. Along the way, one will find two campsites and various pre-War scenic overlook points.

A large number of broc flower plants line the path to the top and can also be found in the camp itself. The camp's outhouse is situated next to the first bridge near a switchback containing two ammunition boxes. There is evidence of rocks that have been blasted away at the foot of the peak wherever explosives crates are found.

Each lookout points have a chair, crate or table, and various detritus scattered around. One of the overlook points has a pair of binoculars. From the summit, each direction has reaching views of the Hoover Dam, Colorado River, Fortification Hill, and Lake Mead. A sleeping mat is near the ham radio emitting the radio signal. However, the nearby cave system, Camp Guardian caves, contains the dead NCR troopers that were stationed at Camp Guardian.

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Guardian Peak appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Guardian Peak is based on the real world location of the same name, a slight amount taller at 2,811 ft / 857 m in elevation, located along the north shore of Lake Mead in Clark County, Nevada.