Gametitle-FNV HH
Gametitle-FNV HH
Just good, honest infantry work! You do 25% more damage with 9mm and .45 Auto pistols and SMGs, service rifles, assault and marksman carbines, light machine guns, frag grenades, grenade rifles and launchers, and combat knives.— In-game description

Grunt is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.




  • All the guns are references to weapons more commonly issued to the United States military "grunt," or a soldier on the frontline.
  • Grunt was designed as an alternate to Cowboy, and like it, exists to make lower tier weapons effective late game.[1]
  • The combat knife and its unique variant, Chance's knife, are the only weapons boosted by both this perk and Cowboy. The explosives such as frag grenade and grenade rifle rounds can also be perk stacked by combining with Demolition Expert.
  • Because of the nature of the game's file architecture, Grunt does not affect weapons from outside the core game or Honest Hearts, such as the Bozar, GRA assault carbine, or 25mm grenade APW (GRA).