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The Grub n' Gulp rest stop is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. It is located north of REPCONN headquarters along Highway 95.


The rest stop was opened by Fitz and his good friend Lupe.[1] They sell a variety of consumables, with Fitz handling meals and Lupe offering drinks. Lupe is also able to sell purified water from Lake Mead,[2] as she is a licensed water merchant.[3] Their main customers are travelers like the Courier, with caravans and NCR patrols usually not stopping here,[4] except for troopers wanting a "quick bite."[5]


The rest stop is comprised of three makeshift stalls. The lefthand stall appears to be used for smithing. Lupe sells water in the middle stall, and Fitz sells food in the righthand stall. Behind the stalls is an inaccessible shack and three brahmin enclosed in a corral. There is a campfire for crafting and four makeshift beds that are unowned to the right of the shack. An iguana-on-a-stick and squirrel-on-a-stick are found on the sides of the campfire. To the left of the shack is a picnic area surrounding a barrel fire.

Notable loot


  • Fitz and Lupe are part of the New California Republic, so having a low reputation with the NCR will make them hostile.
  • If the Courier has a negative reputation with the Legion, a group of Legionary assassins may spawn behind the overpass. Fast-traveling to the location or approaching from the south can cause Lupe and Fitz to run out into the road and attack them. They may also run away and will not return to the location. If they initiate combat, the assassins will likely be far more powerful at later levels and can easily overpower the merchants.


The Grub n' Gulp rest stop appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. Courier: "What is this place?"
    Fitz: "Just a little rest stop that me and my good friend Lupe set up. Last stop on your way into New Vegas, first stop on your way out, that's what I say."
    (Fitz's dialogue)
  2. Lupe: "You need water? I got water, clean and fresh, straight from Lake Mead."
    (Lupe's dialogue)
  3. Courier: "Where do you get your water?"
    Lupe: "The NCR fixed up the pipe network pretty good, and water merchants like me are allowed to have some of it to sell. If we have a water license, of course. Still, it beats the inconvenience of having to trek all the way to the lake to resupply."
    (Lupe's dialogue)
  4. Courier: "Do you get a lot of customers?"
    Lupe: "The caravans or NCR patrols usually don't stop, but we usually get people like yourself wandering on by a few times a week."
    (Lupe's dialogue)
  5. Courier: "How's business?"
    Fitz: "I do decent enough. The NCR patrols usually stop by for a quick bite, and travelers like yourself pass by a couple times a week."
    (Fitz's dialogue)