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Grower's shack is a location in Point Lookout in 2277. It contains a small swampfolk farming operation that does business with Tobar the Ferryman.



A small dock and outbuilding and two rickety bridges allow access to this growing operation. Rows of flickering bulbs keep the bloatflies away, and provide visual cues. Right outside the shack, beneath strings of lights, is a large field of wild punga fruits.


Inside Grower's shack, there is a usable queen-sized bed, as well as a sink and toilet. It also contains various furniture pieces that can be sat upon. There is a random swampfolk living inside.

Notable loot


Unlike most cabinets in Fallout 3, the cabinets in Grower's shack can actually be opened up to reveal the contents inside.


Grower's shack appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.