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Oh, I've been looking for this copy of Grognak the Barbarian everywhere. Aside from the cool articles on loin cloths and axes, it's got some great tips on weapon care!Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p.101

Grognak the Barbarian is a perk magazine in Fallout 76.


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Grognak the Barbarian is a fantasy comic book published by Hubris Comics prior to the Great War. The series follows the story of the main character, Grognak, and the cover art for each comic book depicts imagery of Grognak on the eponymous adventure. Issues of Grognak the Barbarian cost $23 per copy.


Reading an issue of Grognak the Barbarian will temporarily give the player character a unique bonus, such as increased melee damage or increased carry weight. All bonuses expire after 30 minutes (60 minutes with Curator), and the magazine is consumed once read.

Issues of Grognak the Barbarian are affected by Pannapictagraphist and will emit directional audio when the player character is in range.

Magazine issues

Editor ID Issue Issue Date Perk Form ID
Grognak01 #1 Blood on the Harp January 16 +15% melee damage 004303D0
Grognak02 #2 Cometh the Trickster February 20 20% harder to detect 004303D2
Grognak03 #3 Jungle of the Bat-Babies March 21 Poison resist +15 004303D4
Grognak04 #4 In the Bosom of the Corsair Queen April 24 Melee Crit Dmg +30 004303D6
Grognak05 #5 Demon Slaves, Demon Sands May 22 Damage vs Scorched +15% 004303D9
Grognak06 #6 Enter Maula: War Maiden of Mars June 22 -75% Melee Weapon Weight 004303DC
Grognak07 #7 Fatherless Cur! July 24 Melee weapons lose condition 50% slower 004303DF
Grognak08 #8 Lost in the Snows of Lust August 24 +2 DMG Resist 004303E2
Grognak09 #9 The Lair of the Virgin Eaters November 14 Carry Weight +10 004303E5
Grognak10 #10 What Sorcery This? December 16 +15 Energy Resist 004303E8



  • The Grognak the Barbarian comic books in Fallout 76 share identical titles and cover art from Fallout 4; however the bonuses they provide are different in addition to the effect duration being temporary.
  • Most of the issue numbers are torn off the magazines. However, The Art of Fallout 4 has clean versions of the issues where the numbers, if they have them, can be read.
  • Issue #09 "In the Lair of the Virgin Eater" is the same comic book that is on the cover of all Grognak the Barbarian comics in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The issue entitled "Cometh the Trickster" is a reference to Thief: The Dark Project, a stealth game in which the primary antagonist was named the Trickster, with a very similar physical appearance. The pictured scene mimics the cutscene in which the Trickster first reveals his true nature.


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