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Grognak the Barbarian is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Barbarian perk.


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Grognak the Barbarian is a series of comic books published by Hubris Comics in the mid-21st century. The comic books relate the adventures of the main character in a prehistoric world.


The magazines consist of a 10-issue run that each gives an additional rank of the Barbarian perk, which raises the critical damage of unarmed or melee attacks by 5%. This stacks together to gain up to a 50% increase in melee or unarmed critical damage, if all comics have been found.

Magazine issues

Editor ID Issue Month Location Location Description Form ID
01 Blood on the Harp January Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup Southwest end of the main warehouse in the small office, on the desk with the key. 0008E741
02 Cometh the Trickster February Inside an unmarked house north of Andrew station The house is located directly north of Andrew station and has a crashed bus on top of it. The comic book is located on a mattress on the third floor. 0008E742
03 Jungle of the Bat-Babies March Sanctuary Hills On the kitchen table of the House of Tomorrow, where Codsworth resides. 0008E743
04 In the Bosom of the Corsair Queen April Corvega assembly plant Assembly level (top floor), in the raider metal hut accessed via catwalk bridge, near steamer trunk. 0008E744
05 Demon Slaves, Demon Sands May
  • On the bed, inside the overseer’s office, top floor in Vault 75.
  • In the classroom of Vault 81, the magazine is given as a reward by Katy for completing the quest Short Stories.
06 Enter Maula: War Maiden of Mars June Boston Common, Swan's Pond In the gazebo, near the skeleton, close to Park Street Station entrance. 0008E746
07 Fatherless Cur! July Mass Pike Interchange On the toilet inside the Gunners camp, by the power armor station. 0008E747
08 Lost in the Snows of Lust August Back Street Apparel On a living room table in the ruined upstairs apartment, near the TV and safe. 0008E748
09 In the Lair of the Virgin Eater November Hyde Park In the raider camp on the roof of the buildings south of the main drag, on top of a safe behind a red chair. 0008E749
10 What Sorcery This? December Museum of Witchcraft On the table in the “dungeon” room, first floor, south wall. 0008E74A
Heavy, the Oaken Crown [N/A] Mentioned only on the Hubris Comics store terminal. [N/A]


  • In addition to the magazines, Grognak's axe and costume are located within the Hubris Comics building.
  • Issue #09 "In the Lair of the Virgin Eater" is the same comic book that is on the cover of all Grognak the Barbarian comics in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.
  • There are actually 11 Grognak the Barbarian comics to find across the Commonwealth, as Issue #05 "Demon Slaves, Demon Sands" has 2 copies, one in Vault 75 and one rewarded for the quest Short Stories. Regardless if one gathers all 11 or misses an issue, they will get the Barbarian perk ranked ten levels. However, getting 2 copies of "Demon Slaves, Demon Sands" will not rank the player character ten levels if they are retrieved before getting all the others. All separate issues are needed to rank 10 in the Barbarian perk. Cometh the Trickster may respawn, in its original location.
  • Along with Silver Shroud, Manta Man, The Inspector and Mistress of Mystery, Grognak is featured as part of The Unstoppables franchise.


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