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If you kill a target while in V.A.T.S., all of your Action Points are restored upon exiting V.A.T.S.— In-game description

Grim Reaper's Sprint is a perk in Fallout 3.


With this perk, enemies killed by the Lone Wanderer in V.A.T.S. immediately restore all Action Points. This allows for multiple uses of V.A.T.S. in a row. Note that kills made by a companion, the Mysterious Stranger, or the environment (e. g. an exploding car) do not restore any AP. Likewise, lasting effects like burning (flamer) or electrical shock damage (Jingwei's shocksword) do not trigger this perk.


  • Knocking an essential non-player character unconscious counts as "killing" for the purposes of this perk.
  • The G.E.C.K. script actually gives 1000 AP after a kill, rather than restoring the exact amount of AP.

Behind the scenes

Grim Reaper's Sprint was originally a fan-created perk and winner of the Fallout 10th anniversary perk contest in 2007, submitted by Marc-Andre Deslongchamps. Bethesda implemented the perk in Fallout 3, describing the idea as "elegant and simple" while affecting game mechanics in a unique way.[1]