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The grenade rifle is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


Grenade rifle expanded

The grenade rifle is a single shot grenade launcher which fires 40mm grenades over a respectable distance. Although its range is longer than regular hand grenades and the fuse is impact-triggered instead of timed, its ammunition is less powerful and its single-shot, break-action design makes rapid-fire impossible.


The grenade rifle can fire a total of about 495 standard rounds from full condition before breaking.




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Grenade rifle 2
Great Bear grenade rifle Lonesome Road (add-on)15
Mercenary's grenade rifle Courier's Stash2
Red Victory grenade rifle Lonesome Road (add-on)2
Thump-Thump 2



  • Unlike the grenade launcher, it requires a Strength of 3 to wield effectively.
  • The ladder-type rear sight on the weapon is not used when aiming, instead, the player character aims down the barrel, using only the front sight.
  • Due to the unusual shape of the weapon's stock (when compared to most shoulder-fired shotguns in the game) the stock rests above the shoulder when aiming in third-person mode.
  • This weapon has the most unique counterparts in the entire game with add-ons installed, reaching a total of four.
  • Looking down the barrel with no ammunition left still shows that the weapon is loaded with a grenade.

Behind the scenes

The grenade rifle is based on the real world M79, nicknamed "Thumper," a U.S. grenade launcher developed in the early sixties.[Non-canon 1]


Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes, the launcher will not fire if you are not aiming down the sight. [verified]


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