Grelok is a fictional character created by Hubris Comics and a villain in the Grognak the Barbarian series.


A monster with a horned head, Grelok took over several large villages surrounding a mountain, and Grognak set out to defeat him. Grelok also had the power to rejuvenate individuals and turn them into zombies.[1]

Grelok was later defeated by Grognak, and peace was returned to the world.


Grelok is mentioned in Fallout 3. He is also the main villian in the Fallout 4 holodisk minigame Grognak the Barbarian and the Ruby Ruins.


  1. Reign of Grelok:
    Horned head - When you draw your sword, Grelok lowers his great horned head and bellows laughter in your face.
    Zombies - As you recover from the stench of the priestly belch, you are told that the priest has fled from his nearby chapel. When Grelok arrived on the mountain, the dead in his cemetery began to rise, and his congregation scattered.
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