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Gregory, or Greg, was an employee of Hornwright Industrial before the Great War.


Gregory, who worked in the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters, was the recipient of several messages from Penelope Hornwright. On October 2, 2077, he learned of a seismic incident that had taken place in Welch. He went with Penelope to investigate the town, but by the time they arrived, Atomic Mining Services were already on scene controlling the situation. Residuals from their old blast tests had "peeked up" under people's homes.[1]

Meanwhile, the protests surrounding the Rockhound had worsened, and Penelope told Gregory that losses could be in the tens of millions after rioters took control of the Rockhound. They aimed to shift the blame towards AMS as the National Guard cleared the remaining protesters.[2][3]

Later, Gregory was tasked by Jacob Hanover with transferring all of the Human Resources department's files into the headquarters archival system. He did not finish, as he became concerned for his parents' safety and left after hearing bad news on the radio.[4]


Gregory is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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