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This is a transcript for dialogue with Greg Goldstein.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
50 004058F1 0056BEAF Oh no! Oh god! I knew that overtime clause in my contract was a mistake. reanimated from the dead and forced to go to work
122 0056BEE4 0056BF14 Move them to the coffee area. Move them to the hallway that leads to the bathroom. Make the whole break room a killzone.
123 0056BEE5 0056BF04 She made us move them all over the office during testing. Every day it was different. rambling nervously
124 0056BEE6 0056BF17 Oh, yeah. Well. I can make it so that the power just shuts down completely. Do you know how many times I had to rewire these turrets? rambling nervously while working
125 0056BEE7 0056BF06 I came in to the office when the bombs were falling because I was scheduled and I feared her more than the Great War. rambling nervously while working
126 0056BEE8 0056BF1A You have no idea how many times we had to assemble and tear down the killzone emplacement until Doctor Dias was happy. rambling nervously while working
135 0056BEEF 0056BF0C Oh. I guess I'm free? Like, they can't do anything worse to me-this is actually a huge relief. I feel like I could do anything!
136 0056BEF0 0056BF1F Oh. You want me to make tools that will destroy the turrets? Really? Sure! concerned but growing excitement
137 Come on, we'll need to use the fabricators. Follow me!
138 0056BEF1 0056BF2F Ohhhh. Uh... I can't be seen with someone who doesn't have the correct access for this level... oh no!
139 Oh god! They're going to put my brain in a jar for this! If they find out we were here together-and you shouldn't be here-but you are! Oh god, oh god. panic spiral
140 0056BEF2 0056BF18 It never ends! Never! If I have to tear down those turrets for Doctor Dias one more time, I will explode. I will actually explode!
142 0056BEF4 0056BF09 You seem really happy to be here. First week with the company? Let me know if there's anything you need help with.
143 I mean, I don't have any time to help but I would like to uh... hear that you need help anyway. Just let me know.
144 0056BEF5 0056BF1C I don't remember you from the research team... concerned/confused
156 0056E73F 0056E740 I bet her brain is stored somewhere. Might as well go destroy it or maybe... hmm... experiment on it! Yeah!
157 005856E1 00585703 Disassemble me? Oh god! Wait, unless I what? Bypass the turrets-why didn't you just say that's what you wanted. I'm happy to help! Overjoyed, even!
158 The fabricators are over here, follow me!
181 0059C368 0056BF0D Oh god, fine! What do you want?!
182 005A0D10 0056BF15 *nervous laughter that turns maniacal*