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Oh. I guess I'm free? Like, they can't do anything worse to me-this is actually a huge relief. I feel like I could do anything!

Greg Goldstein is a pre-War employee of the RobCo Research Center whose still-living brain remains preserved there in Appalachia.


Greg is described as a "truly unremarkable" and "perfectly normal mind" to talk to, as long as the extraction of his brain didn't traumatize him.[1]

In fact, Greg's pre-War job in RobCo Industries' Immobile Weapons Research team has left him extremely neurotic, unstable and fearful of his boss Dr. Dr. Dorothea Dias, who dictated the designers' testing to her exact specifications and changed them every day. His brain extraction was scheduled for October 23, 2077, the day of the Great War, but he obeyed even with the bombs falling because he feared Dr. Dias more than the apocalypse.[2]

As part of the RobCo team which designed the automated turrets used in Vault 79, Greg is highly familiar with the technology and can easily create tools to disarm them. His experiences at work have left him with little goodwill for his boss and his workplace, and if installed into a Robobrain, Greg intends to seize the opportunity to take his revenge on both.[3]

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Greg Goldstein appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


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    (Greg Goldstein's dialogue)
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