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Greg's Mine Supply or Greg's Mining Supply Co. is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Prior to the Great War, Greg's Mine Supply sold mining-related tools and other necessities for the workers of Appalachia. By 2077, the store was not very profitable, mostly due to automation in the mining industry.[1] The owner of the store, Greg Harris, did try to advance into automated equipment to remain competitive, though he was greatly hindered by his lack of knowledge about computers.[2] Post-War, the store and the small cluster of buildings that surround it are now a Scorched stronghold.[3]


The front door to the store is locked. Circling around to the back of a nearby house, there is a staircase that leads down to an open door to the basement. Stepping inside, there is a locked safe (Picklock 0) directly across from the entrance. Various loot can be found throughout this room, although the most notable feature is a deceased settler sitting in a chair with a pickaxe lodged in her chest.

A blasted out wall provides an entrance to a small cave system below the shop, which eventually leads to another supply room. An armor workbench can be found sitting against the northern wall here, with the stairs leading up to the backroom of the shop.

The second floor of the building is a living area with a kitchen and a bedroom. The bedroom holds Greg's terminal, as well as a red steamer trunk and a Vault-Tec bobblehead. A feral ghoul will crawl out from under the bed and attack.

Once unlocked, the southern door on the first floor will open to a number of old, heavy-duty vehicles near a shed with a weapons workbench inside. The shed is decorated with lights hanging across the ceiling, and just west of it is an exit overlooking the river. Turning right leads back out to the front of the store.

Notable loot

  • Gregs Mine Supply keys - On the desk next to the terminal on the second floor.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - On the second floor of the store, on the wooden desk with Greg's terminal.
  • Potential magazine - Across the street from the store to the northwest, in a house with a rusting van parked outside, in the living room, on a coffee table.
  • Potential armor mod plan - Next to a Stealth Boy in the basement room with the armor workbench, on a yellow diagnostic machine, on the left.
  • Stealth Boy - Next to the aforementioned armor mod plan, in the basement room with the armor workbench, on a yellow diagnostic machine, on the right.


As of patch, the type-T fuse that was formerly found here for the An Ounce of Prevention quest is now located in the Charleston Trainyard.


Greg's Mine Supply appears only in Fallout 76.



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