The greenhouse is a location inside the NCR sharecropper farms during 2281. In these greenhouses, the sharecroppers cultivate and harvest various food items that are used to feed the NCR settlers and soldier in the Mojave Wasteland, while the rest is sent back to New California Republic and the Hub.


The greenhouse is around thirty feet by ten feet with potters lined through the building. The potters contain some cultivatable, if undernourished desert plants. There are doors on both sides of the building going lengthwise. There are a total of ten greenhouses found in the sharecropper farms.


If by chance, the Courier happens across these greenhouses during the events before the final battle for Hoover Dam, the Courier will see that most of the crops are undernourished because of a lack of water. For further details, see the quest The White Wash.


This greenhouse appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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