Greenetech Genetics is a location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


The building cannot be accessed before the quest Hunter/Hunted (the door is non-interactable until then).

First floor

Small reception area with busted stairs to catwalks, to the north are functional stairs up to the second floor. There is also a lobby to the west that is only accessible from the second floor. On the ground floor of the lobby there's an unlocked terminal that controls some turrets.

Second floor

Catwalks leading to the north to a hallway with some offices, that curls around to stairs going up.

Third floor

Bathrooms in the northeast corner, offices to the north, a hallway that leads to a ramp up in the southwest side.

Fourth floor

Novice locked terminal that controls some turrets, followed by a catwalk across to the east side, leading to a lab area and kitchen, past the kitchen is a novice locked door that leads to a mini armory with a trapped chest. Down the hall is another ramp leading up.

Fifth floor

Starts in a lab area. To the north are a couple of offices including the one with the Stealth Boy, to the west is a catwalk to the other side of the lobby. On the other side is a hallway leading to offices on the north side, then around to the east side again where the stairs up are located.

Sixth floor

Trapped stairwell up to the seventh floor.

Seventh floor

Lab area with an advanced locked door to the west with a security control terminal and a safe. Just to the south is a room with stairs going up, an elevator and above a couple of small storage rooms.

"Eighth" floor

Immediately after the elevator there will be a locked terminal (Master) that opens a security door to a room with 2 fusion cores. On the other side of the room, just before the stairs, is a locked door (Advanced) that leads to a room with another fusion core. Just before the stairs leading up there is another locked terminal (Master) with a fusion core and Rad-X behind the door.

Ninth floor

A pair of locked terminals leading to minor loot in side rooms. Through the door in the south, there's stairs in the southwest leading to a desk with a broken terminal and a small caps stash next to it. Then there stairs in the south leading up to the final floor.

Top floor

Open area with a side room that's locked during the Hunter/Hunted mission and stairs leading up to the roof. A Fat Man on the stairs. During the Hunter/Hunted mission there is a mini nuke under the stairs.


An ammo box and a doctor skeleton is found on the roof.

Notable loot

  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal issue #7 - On the third floor, on a small white table between two large red couches, against the midpoint of the north wall. (Note: there appears to be a glitch that causes the HUD compass to point in the wrong direction while wearing power armor.) This is after a large, two-level open room with multiple turrets. After the Sole Survivor next climbs stairs, goes through a diagonal, and comes out in a long room, the white table is on the right.
  • A Stealth Boy and 1-5 missiles - On a table in a room in the northeast corner of floor five.
  • An overdue book - On the fifth floor on a small table between two chairs before heading up to the sixth floor.
  • 2 fusion cores - Inside a gate controlled by a master locked terminal right after taking the elevator up to the eighth floor.
  • Another fusion core - On the eighth floor, in a room with an advanced-lock door (right after where you find the above mentioned 2 fusion cores) on a table next to a microscope.
  • Fat Man - On the stairs where one confronts the Courser.
  • Greenetech Genetics password - On the top floor, in the red toolbox. Accesses the nearby terminal that unlocks the room holding K1-98.
  • Mini nuke - Under the stairs the Fat Man is on.


  • On the third floor in the restrooms, there are wooden blocks on the floor behind the stall doors that spell "Gary", a nod to Vault 108 in Fallout 3.
  • On the fifth floor on a console desk there are some wooden blocks (I & D and B & Y) as well as an eight ball and knife and fork. They spell out I 8 U.
  • On the fifth floor, there is a blackboard with three bullet holes in it. Below the bullet holes are old, dried bloodstains. To the side are three chalk X's, just as seen on the Fens Phantom's displays in the Fens street sewer.


Greenetech Genetics only appears in Fallout 4.


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