The Great wanamingo mine is a location in Fallout 2. It is one of the gold mines in Redding. By 2241, it became inactive thanks to being infested with the alien-like wanamingos.


The wanamingo mine has an above ground area and below that a two level tunnel system. Numerous entrances to the mine exist, including one inside a ripped-open grave in the mining camp. Travel within the mine is extremely precarious, as the wanamingos have extraordinary senses of perception and can detect intruders even through the walls of the mine, rushing in quickly to dispose of any interlopers. The mine is rumored to contain explosives as well as special electronic chips within the rusting hulks of the mining machinery.


Mayor Ascorti tries to coerce newcomers to Redding into buying a deed to the mine billing it as a great investment, $1000 for the richest mine in the town. In order to make any profit from the deed, some eradication is required.


The Great wanamingo mine appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenesEdit

The fenced off building in the west appears to be the "Skum Pitt" and looks like a drinking establishment. In Fallout, the Skum Pitt bar can be found in Junktown.


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