The Great Merchant Wars were a series of conflicts between several groups of merchants from the Hub that took place between 2126 and 2128, after Angus, the founder and governor of the Hub, was murdered in the winter of 2125.

The Great Merchant Wars began in 2126, when a band of merchants seized the water tower in the Hub, and demanded that anyone wanting water pay a toll. Calling themselves the "Water Merchants", they fortified their position, but were severely outnumbered by the other caravan companies, resulting in a tense stalemate. This lasted until a man named Roy Greene (Justin Greene's grandfather) helped to negotiate an agreement to end the conflict. As part of the agreement, a limit was set on the price of water, and the Hub's central council was formed, to be composed of two representatives from each of the Hub's caravan companies.


The Great Merchant Wars are mentioned only by Beth in Fallout. The Fallout Bible timeline (based on the original Fallout timeline by Brian Freyermuth) provides more detail about the events.