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Doesn't he? Caesar's representative tells a different tale. The glory of the Great Khans will be restored, and once the NCR is pushed back to California, all the land from here to the Colorado will be ours.Papa Khan, Fallout: New Vegas

The Great Khans are a raider tribe encountered in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


Abandoning New California[]

Despite the destruction of the New Khans at the hands of the Chosen One, the tribe's history did not end with Darion's death. Though his mercenary war band was the governing band, it was not the only one. Over the next few decades, the fragmented Khans gradually coalesced back into a single group. No longer small raiding bands, this time, the newly-renamed "Great" Khans became a unified tribe once more under the leadership of Papa Khan, who led an exodus into the Mojave Wasteland, abandoning New California in 2267.[2][3]

Upon arrival in Nevada, a vanguard of the Followers of the Apocalypse already present in the Mojave reached out to the Khans and taught them basic science skills, such as chemistry, reading and writing. They hoped that the Khans would use that knowledge to manufacture medicine to sustain themselves, but instead the tribe turned this knowledge into a profitable racket in drug running.[4][5] Drugs were nothing new for the Khans, as they already knew how to use plants and herbs to create mind-altering substances, the Followers just made them more efficient and indirectly contributed to the popularity of substance abuse among the Khans.[6][7] Still, some of the chems they produce go toward trading with others, namely the Fiends[8] and Westside addicts,[9] for supplies that the tribe needs.[10]

With their martial prowess, governing skills, and the know-how provided by the Followers, the Great Khans were the single most organized tribe in the wasteland and effectively its rulers.[3] However, their hegemony would not last long. When Robert House detected NCR scouts at the dam in 2274, he moved to claim New Vegas, end the tribal conflicts, and establish his rule. He offered the tribes their own casinos to operate under his aegis. He gave the tribes that declared loyalty to him (the Mojave Boot-Riders, an unidentified cannibal tribe and the Slither Kin) weapons, ammunition, medicine, and other necessities, thus creating the Three Families. The Families, the Omertas in particular,[11] warred with the Khans. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Khans were ultimately defeated,[12] first driven back into Northern Vegas, then out of Vegas entirely, forcing them to settle at Bitter Springs.[13][3]

Clash with the Republic[]

When the New California Republic arrived in the Mojave, the Khans continued the "tradition" of raiding their caravans, towns, and camps, still considering them easy pickings like in the days of the New Khans, doing so for years.[14] Things changed in 2278. After the First Battle of Hoover Dam and the defeat of the Legion and the Brotherhood, the NCR stood virtually unopposed. Great Khan raids continued on, but it was the abduction and killing of four soldiers,[Non-game 1] affecting settlers with large connections in the republic that caused the NCR to retaliate.[15] In what would become known as the Bitter Springs Massacre, the NCR mounted an assault on the Khans home base of Bitter Springs. When the main force was spotted, the Khans evacuated their children, elderly and infirm through their only escape, Red Pass.[14][16] NCR First Recon was stationed at the end of the canyon, and killed all of the fleeing innocents.[17][18]

Those Great Khans who survived Bitter Springs were permitted by NCR military authorities to resettle at Red Rock Canyon without interference.[19] In an effort to create a source of income, the Khans established a drug lab in the desolate gorges. By 2281, drugs manufactured in this lab formed the basis of their economy, providing much needed basic living necessities unavailable in the inhospitable canyon, where there is no food, barely any water, and nothing of note.[20][Non-game 2] However, their drug business has destroyed what good will they had among others like the Followers, as the drugs made their way to dozens of villages west of Vegas,[21] thanks to their knowledge of the land making it easy to make deliveries and escape the NCR's interference. The NCR was unwilling to deal with the problem directly, as an assault on the Red Rock Canyon would be expensive in terms of both caps and men.[8] Remnants of the Khan presence who remained outside the canyon waged a desperate guerrilla war against the Republic, further straining their supplies.[22][23]

Second Battle of Hoover Dam[]

Easy access to narcotics has also led to many Great Khans becoming addicts, trying to cope with the trauma of Bitter Springs through alcohol and hard drugs. Red Rock Canyon, already desolate before their arrival, became little more than a drug den filled with the stench of alcohol and drug fumes, where it could be said even the flies buzzing around are hopped up on one drug or another. The steady stream of narcotics turned dozens of villages out west into junkie dens, on top of the chaos caused by the Khans' best customers, the Fiends.[21][24]

Such an existence is understandably intolerable to many, most importantly Papa Khan himself, who longs to leave behind a strong legacy. This is why Caesar sent a frumentarius, Karl to act as ambassador to the Khans under the guise of seeking great warriors[25] and in exchange for promises of land, wealth, and revenge against the NCR to secure their allegiance.[26] Papa Khan's hatred of the NCR led him to agree to the alliance almost instantly,[27] declaring that the Khans would march to assist Caesar when the time came.[28] Karl has appeased Papa Khan's advisers with promises of holding positions of power within the Legion.[29][30] However, in reality, the Legion does not intend to keep any of the promises made, considering the Khans merely another tribe to conquer and assimilate into their ranks.

Karl himself secretly despises the Great Khans, considering them to be unworthy of the Legion and sub-par warriors at that,[31] and he fully expects that the Great Khans will have to be decimated first in order to bring them to heel.[32] The Khans remain oblivious, knowing of no alternative way to move forward. They are dying out and every day brings their enemies closer to launching a strike against them. The dream of becoming Caesar's elite cohorts as a vehicle towards the destruction of the NCR proves too tempting, making the Khans blind to the reality of what joining the Legion really entails.[Non-game 2]


Due to their brutal initiation rituals, Great Khans are extremely tough. Don't expect them to go down easily.Loading screen


As the third incarnation of the Khans, the Great Khans are the only truly organized band of raiders in the Mojave; both men and women can hold their own in a fight, whether in a brawl or a shootout. As a tribe however, the Great Khans are but a shadow of their former selves. Both their numbers and morale have been ravaged by a series of massacres and displacements until the current leader Papa Khan guided the tribe into an exodus into the Mojave Wasteland from California.[2][3] Papa Khan governs his Khans in a similar fashion to his predecessor, Garl Death-Hand, using advisors to inform decisions for the good of the tribe, while still making final decisions himself.[33] His trusted advisors include Regis, the chief of law enforcement and Papa's second in command right hand man;[34] Jack and Diane, in charge of economics and chem trade; and Melissa Lewis, the lead scout.[35] Unlike Garl however, Papa is willing to accept criticism of his leadership and does not punish his followers for speaking out against him.[33][36]

Papa Khan also has a system of succession in place differing from that of the original Khans. For the time being, Regis will take over should Papa Khan die. However, Papa is able to select an heir to succeed him, should they impress him.[37] This heir does not have to be related by blood to Papa Khan, nor do they even have to be a Khan at all. The leader of the Khans is also able to step down at any time, for any reason, but an heir cannot decline their role until they become leader.[38]


Red Rock Canyon arena

Great Khan proving ground in Red Rock Canyon

In order to become a Khan, or pass from childhood to adulthood if one is born a Khan,[39] one must pass a series of initiation rituals,[40] culminating in a beat-down. A number of Khans gather around the initiate and beat them for a full minute.[41] If the initiate calls for mercy, they are disqualified, but if they survive, they are permitted to become a fully fledged Khan. With this comes the option to pick a new name.[39] These initiation rites are essential to this sense of community. They are meant to demonstrate the toughness of each Khan and may leave scars - a point of pride for everyone who makes it through them.[40]

Though many boast of the deadly nature of the initiation, it is possible to repeat the trial as many times as an initiate desires.[42] It appears that few actually die from the beat-down, and those too weak to pass the initiation simply move on elsewhere.[43] However, it is frowned upon for a failed initiate to return to the Khans.[44]


The Great Khans reside in Mongolian-style tents called Gers (yurts) within Red Rock Canyon. However, unlike the other settlers of the Mojave, these homes are used for little more than sleeping in, as they usually only have room for a couple of beds and a central fire. A Great Khan often carries all of their possessions with them, if they should decide to have anything besides the bare essentials. Because of this, as well as their aggression, the other factions view them as savages. However, unlike the Jackals, Fiends, Scorpions and Vipers, the Great Khans are not hostile towards newcomers. If the Great Khans begin to dislike someone, however, they will often show great hostility. Due to a long and hostile history, however, they will open fire on anyone wearing an NCR uniform, regardless of if they are in fact an NCR member or not.

The Great Khans subsist mainly on hunting and farming, and profit from the sales of chemicals and drugs produced in the Red Rock drug lab. The Canyon is an inhospitable location, lacking adequate food and water,[20] leading to the Great Khans' dependence on drugs, which they can create quite easily and can sell to a multitude of factions.

Art and Culture[]

Fallout New Vegas Great Khan Sign In Red Rock Canyon

Great Khan paintings

The Great Khans are shown to record parts of their history as paintings on the walls of Red Rock Canyon, namely the war they had with the Three Families and NCR.[3] In these paintings, the Khans are depicted as large and intimidating as they behead and kill their enemies. Despite this suggesting the Khans overpowered the Three Families and NCR, Papa Khan freely admits the opposite,[12][14] suggesting that these paintings should be considered as wish fulfilment rather than true history. Bitter Springs is also decorated with paintings and graffiti created by the Khans depicting various subjects such as horses, women and dead NCR rangers.[45]

Additionally, it is mentioned that the Khans enjoy singing ballads about their victories and sorrows, especially whilst drinking alcohol.[46] At the same time, the Khans do not care for poetry as written by Jerry the Punk. However, high-ranking Khans such as Regis and Papa Khan are shown to own and read books and magazines showing that the Khans are not outrightly dismissive of all forms of literacy and perhaps dislike Jerry's creations simply because he has not yet passed their initiation.[47][48]


The Khans are most closely identified with their use of leather vests, and to a lesser extent their horned helmets. Their symbol is that of an intimidating face of a Mongolian warrior with a long thin moustache and horned helmet surrounded with a chain with a banner beneath spelling 'Great Khans'. In the past they used a skull over a metal shield with chains as an identifying symbol.


The Khans have a long history of raiding and respect for fighting and strength, as such they have dedicated warriors used in conflicts. These warriors can be identified by their horned helmets.[49] During the Second Battle of Hoover Dam in addition to their helmets they can be seen wearing goggles and black bandanas to cover and protect their faces. It was mainly warriors who survived the assault on Bitter Springs and as a result after 2278 the civilian population became very small.[14][50] Many Khan warriors only want to fight the NCR, while few are willing to take up mercenary work to earn money for the group. A small group of warriors, including Jessup, McMurphy, along with Chance, agreed to work as hired muscle for the leader of the Chairmen, Benny, on a job near Goodsprings.[51] However, the Khans make a hard distinction between mercenary work and "raider work."[Non-game 3]

The Great Khans' preferred form of warfare is through war parties, where multiple central figures lead their own individual units into individual battles, and adapt on the fly, rather than being ordered by a main unit. Warriors are skilled in guerrilla warfare and will use their environment, such as canyons and cave systems to their advantage.[52] This includes taking hostages during situations where they are outgunned, should they feel it necessary to ensure their own survival.[53] They also utilize bear traps and rigged shotguns against those who might chase them.[54] The reason the Khans settled in Red Rock was because they intended to use the height advantage and rocky cover to deter possible invasions.[55]

Fo1 Raiders Ending

These statues continue to be used by the Khans even after 120 years

Around Red Rock Canyon as well as various locations where Khans have made camp, their borders are marked using one of two statues. Either a skull atop a spike with a hubcap or a humanoid figure composed of bundles of sticks, rags and animal skulls. These statues are placed high on the mountains and are used to inform outsiders that they are entering Khan territory and will be subject to their laws.[34]

As well as warriors, the Great Khans also have drug runners,[35] and a form of law enforcement. Though the Khan's runners may have once served the Khans as scouts performing reconnaissance,[29] due to the massacre, they have been redirected to becoming drug runners.[50] Additionally, some Khan warriors have specialist skills such as Oscar Velasco who is a skilled marksman.[52]

Khans also adhere to a code of honor determining how they fight. It is against the Khan's beliefs to kill somebody who has not previously done wrong by them, even if they get paid for it.[Non-game 4] Nor should they abandon one of their own.[Non-game 5] They also believe that it is dishonorable to kill children or elderly,[56] although it is apparent that not all Khans strictly follow these rules.[7]

Relations with the outside[]

The Great Khans usually keep to themselves, rarely traveling too far from Red Rock Canyon, besides the odd raiding party or trek into Fiend territory, for fear of being spotted and hunted down by NCR patrols. They frequently visit the Fiends and other tribes or organizations dependent on their drugs.[24]

Despite their reputation of hostility, the Khans appear tolerant of outsiders, even going as far as to build alliances with other factions. One such alliance would be the new alliance with Caesar's Legion, wherein Caesar's emissary, Karl, is treated as an honored guest in Papa Khan's home, eating alongside him. The proposed alliance has the promises of land, wealth, and revenge against the NCR in exchange for the Khans assisting Caesar at the Dam when the time comes.[26] The ambassador strives to deceive Papa Khan's advisers with promises of holding positions of power within the Legion.[29][30] In actuality, the Legion's intentions include absorbing the tribe after using them to combat the NCR.[31][32]

Another official alliance the Khans have held was between them and the Followers of the Apocalypse, who taught the Khans reading, writing, and basic chemistry and medicine.[4] It was these skills that have allowed the Khans to survive in Red Rock Canyon through the manufacturing of addictive chems, much to the disappointment of the Followers.[5] Though this alliance is no longer active during the events of the game, it is possible for the Khans to rekindle this friendship should they flee to Wyoming.

Coincidentally, one of the biggest buyers of chems is also the Khan's largest enemy, the New California Republic. The NCR officially has a ban on illegal drugs; however, the Crimson Caravan and wealthy merchants that make up the NCR frequently turn a blind eye in order to make a profit. While these merchants make up a large portion of their customer base, their biggest consumer is, by far, the Fiends.[24][8][10] Despite this, Fiends outside of Vault 3 will still attack Khans on site. Another partnership related to this is between the Khans and Westside, where the Khans sell chems and also trade for goods that the tribe need to survive. For this reason, Motor-Runner tries to keep Fiends out of Westside to keep the Khans happy, with little success.[57]

The final alliance comes as a result of the Courier's actions. An alliance between the Khans and the Powder Gangers can be made with help from the Courier, wherein the Powder Gangers will join the Great Khans for protection from the NCR, in exchange for providing the Khans explosives for their armory.[58]


The Great Khans use a very random assortment of weapons throughout the Courier's involvement with them. While most Great Khans boast of their great strength, very few use melee weapons as their primary weapon, only Regis and Chance. At lower levels, the Great Khans use the 10mm and 9mm submachine guns, and at higher levels they use the hunting revolver, trail carbine and riot shotgun. They do have access to their own armory, that includes a reloading bench and workbench, suggesting that the Khans are able to craft at least some of their own weapons.

The Khans' primary source of revenue is drug production. As such, their Red Rock Drug Lab contains equipment relating to this production. Among many, they have managed to master the production of Jet. The quantities of brahmin dung used leaves a nasty smell in the drug lab.[21] However, the drug trade is not their only form of self-sufficiency. They constantly hunt geckos and bighorns for their meat and pelts, which are tanned into the leather outfits they wear. The Great Khans also wear crude armor plating on their legs, meaning they either have a loose grasp on basic mining and forging, or more likely that they use decorated and charred bones from the animals they hunt.


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Narrated by Papa Khan

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Great Khan end slide 01
After generations of being beaten down, the Great Khans were finally broken by the Courier. Those few who avoided the Courier's wrath moved north, into the wilderness of Idaho, where they tried once more to rebuild. Kill Papa Khan and Regis.
Great Khan end slide 01
After the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Great Khans returned for a time to Red Rock Canyon. The NCR's pressing need to expand proved greater than its promise of amnesty, and before long the government decided the Khans had to go. The surviving Great Khans were relocated to an isolated, barren reservation, well north of NCR trade routes. Convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, replace Papa Khan with Regis in For the Republic, Part 2, and complete the endgame quest Eureka! for the NCR.
Great Khan end slide 01
For supporting the NCR, the Great Khans were ruthlessly hunted down by the victorious Legion. Caesar destroyed all evidence of their existence at Red Rock Canyon, and forbade mention of their name in any history. The Great Khans' legacy was swiftly forgotten. Convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, and replace Papa Khan with Regis in For the Republic Part 2. Complete the endgame quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion.
Great Khan end slide 02
As reward for their loyal service, Caesar forcibly integrated the Great Khans into the Legion. The sick and elderly were killed, the women sold as wives to ranking officers, and the tribe's identity was annihilated. Though many Great Khans mourned the death of their tribe, many more were ultimately satisfied with their revenge against NCR. Do not convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, complete the endgame quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion.
Great Khan end slide 01
After driving the Legion out of the Mojave Wasteland, the victorious NCR turned its attention to those who had allied themselves with Caesar. The Great Khans were among the first tribes to suffer this fate, and the few who survived Hoover Dam were driven north, into the wilderness of Idaho. Do not convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, complete the endgame quest Eureka! for the NCR.
Great Khan end slide 03
During the Battle of Hoover Dam, the Great Khans quickly evacuated Red Rock Canyon and headed north and east into the plains of Wyoming. There, they reconnected with the Followers of the Apocalypse and rebuilt their strength. Bolstered by ancient knowledge of governance, economics, and transportation, they carved a mighty empire out of the ruins of the Northwest. Convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, but do not replace him with Regis. Afterwards, convince Papa Khan that the Great Khans should claim their own legacy. This ending is compatible with all 4 endgame quests and will override the others if both conditions are met.
Great Khan end slide 03
After their suicidal last stand at Hoover Dam, the Great Khans ceased to exist as a tribe. The few surviving members dispersed, joining up with other tribes and gangs across the Mojave, and quickly forgot their heritage. Convince Papa Khan that the tribe has no true legacy.



Some Great Khans are affected by the Sneering Imperialist perk.


The Great Khans appear in Fallout: New Vegas and All Roads.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The tribe's culture is based on the Mongol warriors under the rule of Genghis Khan.
  • The tribe also lends much of its aesthetic appeal to the American biker sub-culture that budded in the late seventies to the early nineties, including the Californian Mongols MC, which inspired the original Khans.


  • Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 If you convince Papa Khan that his people should claim their own destiny, the game can regard this as if you killed them all instead. NPCs will remark that "I heard the Great Khans got massacred at Red Rock Canyon; no survivors this time," and relevant dialogue will be the same as if the Khans had all been killed.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 It has been reported that at Nellis Air Force Base, after trying to convince the Boomers to aid the NCR, coming out of Pearl's shack there were two generic Great Khans.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 When trying to complete the Why Can't We Be Friends? quest, the dialogue option needed from Papa Khan may not show up especially if you are near the end of the Oh My Papa quest.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 When completing and turning in the portion of the Aba Daba Honeymoon quest that involves the delivery to Motor-Runner when already "Idolized" with the Khans, the player may gain reputation with them, but somehow be cycled back down to "Accepted." This may be related to keeping the Khans faction uniform on when handing the quest in.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 After killing Oscar Velasco in the side quest Climb Ev'ry Mountain, the player might find three Great Khans watching over them while they sleep. Three different Great Khans will appear at each bed and will not move or interact with the player. When talking to them, they will say 'Hi' and nothing else. Their appearance is probably due to the player's Great Khan reputation going down after murdering one of their clan; however, no attempt is made by them to attack or confront the player.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 A Great Khan may run up to you at any place in the Mojave and try to enter conversation but will not say anything. The screen zooms into her face and zooms back out. This may interrupt resting times as well, except when resting at places such as the Lucky 38 presidential suite.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Three Great Khans may come with the Courier through the elevator to the presidential suite one day seemingly at random, after completing Oh My Papa and convincing the Great Khans to leave Red Rock Canyon. They wander around and interact with any companions that are staying in the Suite.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 After becoming the leader of the Great Khans, the armorer in the Great Khan armory will stop selling you weapons and the option to engage in trading will not even show up.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 The Khans will also spawn in areas that don't accept them (behind the Securitrons at the Strip Gate for example), this will generally result in them engaging whomever is hostile to them.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 During fast travel or when waiting, one, two, or three Great Khans will appear - even in NCR camps. This bug is related to reputation combination for Great Khans. The bug occurs consistently and repeatably when Great Khan reputation is Mixed, Unpredictable, Soft-hearted Devil, Dark Hero or Wild Child. (Fix on PC: use console to set fame/infamy so reputation is not one of the problem reputations.)[verified]



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    Diane: "I'll spare you the history lesson - talk to Papa Khan if you want to hear that story. Things have been rough for a while now, even with Jack working all the time and my runners making deliveries daily we're barely getting by. Maybe this alliance with Caesar will help, but I don't know."
    The Courier: "Why are things so tough?"
    Diane: "Red Rock Canyon isn't exactly the most hospitable place - there's no food, barely any water, and nothing anybody wants. We used to send patrols out to acquire supplies, but ever since Bitter Springs there just aren't enough of us left."
    (Diane's dialogue)
  21. 21.0 21.1 21.2 Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "These boys and girls can really down the bottles."
    "Whiskey and liquor don't last long around here, by the sight of it."
    "Wonder if any of these folks would be up for shots of courage - and a wager."
    "Be *really* careful what you say here."
    "Should have heard stories of the Khans years ago - they were one tough bunch, now..."
    "Khans lost their strength after Bitter Springs, came here to lick their wounds."
    "Let's not split up here, all right?"
    "Don't take any chems here - hell knows what they're laced with."
    "Won't trade with Khans - they've poisoned most of the villages west of Vegas with chems."
    "Fiends would suffer withdrawal and die without the Khans."
    "Place would be beautiful... without the chem addicts and dealers."
    "Even the flies here are chemed."
    "God, you can smell the Brahmin shit from the jet all over this place."
    (Rose of Sharon Cassidy's dialogue) VCassLocationRedRock
  22. The Courier: "Take revenge on the people actually responsible: Go attack Camp McCarran."
    Oscar Velasco: "You're right. A Khan's vengeance should be direct and bloody. No more skulking in caves - I'll remind the NCR why they feared us!"
    (Oscar Velasco's dialogue)
  23. The Courier: "The Khans won't be a problem to anyone ever again."
    Cassandra Moore: "Good riddance. We've had reports for years that they're the ones who supply the Fiends with chems, but no one's done anything about it. In any event, no one will miss them. And I've got another mission for you."
    (Cassandra Moore's dialogue)
  24. 24.0 24.1 24.2 The Courier: "Who do you sell to?"
    Diane: "We make regular shipments to a lot of settlements around the Mojave - a lot of our business comes from the Fiends lately. Personally, I think they're kind of creepy, but Papa likes the fact that they get hopped up on Psycho and harass NCR patrols."
    (Diane's dialogue)
  25. The Courier: "What does the Legion want with the Great Khans?"
    Karl: "Though they have been cruelly oppressed by the NCR, the Khans remain great warriors. The Legion is honored to have such allies in battle."
    (Karl's dialogue)
  26. 26.0 26.1 The Courier: "What's your role in Caesar's Legion?"
    Karl: "I am one of the frumentarii: it is my duty to scout the Wastes in Caesar's name and make contact with any tribes that might serve a useful purpose. You might say I'm somewhere between a scout and an ambassador. I'm assigned here as part of the alliance between the Legion and the Great Khans."
    (Karl's dialogue)
  27. The Courier: "Caesar is only using you, he doesn't actually care about the Great Khans."
    Papa Khan: "Doesn't he? Caesar's representative tells a different tale. The glory of the Great Khans will be restored, and once the NCR is pushed back to California, all the land from here to the Colorado will be ours. I won't hear any more talk against Caesar or his alliance. The Great Khans will answer Caesar's call to war, and the NCR will pay for their crimes."
    The Courier: "Do you really think Caesar is going to restore your tribe to glory? You'll be made slaves."
    Papa Khan: "Hah! The Great Khans will not be slaves. Caesar himself has promised us the land from here to the Colorado and the freedom to raid as we see fit. I won't hear any more talk against Caesar or his alliance. The Great Khans will answer Caesar's call to war, and the NCR will pay for their crimes."
    (Papa Khan's dialogue)
  28. The Courier: "Who are you?"
    Karl: "My name is Karl. Glorious Caesar has sent me as an emissary to the Great Khans as a token of our alliance."
    The Courier: "What alliance?"
    Karl: "In exchange for great Caesar's promise of all the lands west of New Vegas, the Khans have agreed to fight alongside the Legion when the time comes."
    (Karl's dialogue)
  29. 29.0 29.1 29.2 The Courier: "What about Melissa?"
    Regis: "Ah, Melissa. She's a bit of a dreamer. Last time she was in camp, Karl filled her head with stories of serving the Legion as a speculatore. Personally, I've never seen a woman in Legionaire's armor, so I have my doubts."
    (Regis' dialogue)
  30. 30.0 30.1 The Courier: "Regis says I should talk to you about speaking against the Great Khans' alliance with Caesar."
    Melissa Lewis: "You can ask, but why would I do that? Karl's told me all about life in the Legion! He says I've got all the makings of a speculatore."
    The Courier: "Did he also tell you women aren't permitted to serve in the Legion?"
    Melissa Lewis: "What? No, he... what do you mean, aren't allowed to serve? Why would he lie about that?"
    The Courier: "If the Great Khans join the Legion, you'll be sold as a slave. An officer's wife, if you're lucky."
    Melissa Lewis: "That lying little weasel! I almost fell for it, too! All right, you've got a deal. You can tell Papa I won't support an alliance."
    (Melissa Lewis' dialogue)
  31. 31.0 31.1 The Courier: "What do you think of the Great Khans?"
    Karl: "They're a tribe of fine warriors, with many proud traditions and a glorious history. They will be worthy additions to the Legion."
    The Courier: "I've been wondering why you don't petition the Khans for membership as a show of allegiance."
    Karl: "[SUCCEEDED] Join? Oh, no, I simply couldn't. That is... I'm not worthy of such an honor."
    The Courier: "But surely a warrior in service of glorious Caesar is the equal of any tribe's finest?"
    Karl: "[SUCCEEDED] Of course I am! That is to say, Caesar has many fine warriors, and I wouldn't wish to compare them to the Great Khans."
    The Courier: "Because you know they'd come up lacking?"
    Karl: "[SUCCEEDED] Enough! How dare you compare Caesar's finest to this tribe of savages? The mightiest Great Khan is scarcely a match for a Legion recruit! The Burned Man would leave their mightiest shitting themselves in terror! I would... Uhhh, that is...."
    (Karl's dialogue)
  32. 32.0 32.1 The Courier: "You should look at this. It's Karl's journal, and it's very revealing of his true opinions."
    Papa Khan: "Let me see that... 'filthy savages? Probably have to decimate the lot of them?' Are these the words of our 'friend,' Caesar? Great Khans! Drive Caesar's dog out of our camp! If he's too slow to flee, kill him!"
    (Papa Khan's dialogue)
  33. 33.0 33.1 The Courier: "So what do I do?"
    Regis: "Papa can be a stubborn man, but he's not a tyrant. He listens to his tribe, and to four voices in particular: me, Jack and Diane, and Melissa. If you can convince all of us that allying with Caesar is a bad idea, you might be able to sway him."
    (Regis' dialogue)
  34. 34.0 34.1 The Courier: "Who are you?"
    Regis: "Name's Regis - I'm Papa Khan's advisor and right-hand man. I'm also the chief enforcer of the tribe's laws - so watch your behavior."
    (Regis' dialogue)
  35. 35.0 35.1 Great Khan: "I heard from one of Melissa's runners that that check-coated bastard got thrown out on his ass."
    (Generic Great Khan dialogue)
  36. The Vault Dweller: "One of your followers told me."
    Garl: "I hate it when they do that. I will have to make that loudmouth pay for his crimes. After I finish up with you."
    (Garl Death-Hand's dialogue)
  37. Papa Khan: "I understand you dealt the NCR a crushing defeat at Forlorn Hope. I hope that trend continues. That's why I've made a decision: I'm naming you my heir. When I die, leadership of the Great Khans will pass to you."
    (Papa Khan's dialogue)
  38. The Courier: "I don't want that kind of responsibility."
    Papa Khan: "Then when I die, you can pass control of the Great Khans on to Regis. For now you are my heir, and will be accorded the honor of that position."
    (Papa Khan's dialogue)
  39. 39.0 39.1 The Courier: "So your name... it comes from Bitter Springs."
    Bitter-Root: "In the Khans, you're not fully grown 'til you've taken a beat-down. Everybody gathers round and hits you until you're damn near dead. After that - if you haven't begged for mercy - you get to choose a new name. One you'll use for the rest of your life. When NCR slaughtered the Khans at Bitter Springs, I hadn't got my beat-down yet. I was still too young. Way I see it, Bitter Springs was my beat-down. So afterward... I gave myself a name. It's all I've got from the Khans, and it's all I ever want."
    (Bitter-Root's dialogue)
  40. 40.0 40.1 The Courier: "How did you end up joining the Great Khans?"
    Melissa Lewis: "It wasn't easy. There's a lot of initiation rituals to go through, and I've got the scars to prove it. But, in the end, I was tough enough to be made a member. Proudest day of my life."
    (Melissa Lewis' dialogue)
  41. The Courier: "What is this initiation?"
    Jerry the Punk: "Everybody has to do it. Well, everybody who wants to be a Khan, anyways. They toss you into the ring there and beat on you for a solid minute. If you survive, you're in."
    (Jerry the Punk's dialogue)
  42. The Courier: "That doesn't sound so bad."
    Jerry the Punk: "Sure, maybe not if you're some hulking reprobate like Regis or baked to the gills like Jack. I've tried five times and still haven't made it."
    (Jerry the Punk's dialogue)
  43. "After the majority of the Vault 19 Powder Gangers joined the Great Khans, the weaker members scattered throughout the Mojave Wasteland. Though a few managed to erase their pasts, most never survived the journey."
    (Powder Ganger endings)
  44. The Courier: "Why don't you go there and find out?"
    Jerry the Punk: "I don't know. I mean, I'd go myself, but what if they said no? The Khans wouldn't take me back, and then I'd have nobody."
    (Jerry the Punk's dialogue)
  45. The Courier: "Why are there so many Great Khan tags around the camp?"
    Captain Gilles: "This whole area used to be a Great Khan encampment before they relocated to Red Rock Canyon. We just haven't had the manpower to clean it all up yet."
    (Captain Gilles' dialogue)
  46. Courier: "Why isn't poetry 'Great Khan-like?' "
    Jerry the Punk: "Have you seen this tribe? If it's not an epic drunken ballad of cracking skulls and hearing lamentations they think it's a waste of time."
    (Jerry the Punk's dialogue)
  47. The Courier: "Have a look at this book. If you want to see what your tribe could be, read about the Mongol Empire."
    Papa Khan: "Hmm... this is exactly the kind of symbol the Khans could unite behind. We'll begin readying the camp to move. As soon as Caesar makes his move, we'll depart. We will make ourselves strong again, and we shall conquer!"
    (Papa Khan's dialogue)
  48. Regis' tent
  49. The Courier: "I might have heard of them. Remind me."
    Colonel Moore: "They're a rowdy bunch, and pride themselves as warriors. The dark leather and horned helmets they wear are pretty distinctive."
    (Colonel Moore's dialogue)
  50. 50.0 50.1 The Courier: "Why are things so tough?"
    Diane: "We used to send patrols out to acquire supplies, but ever since Bitter Springs there just aren't enough of us left."
    (Diane's dialogue)
  51. Chairmen job offer
  52. 52.0 52.1 The Courier: "What's this about someone killing refugees?"
    Captain Gilles: "It started about six months ago. At first it was just supplies going missing - we figured it was refugees. Then people started dying. Always a single bullet to the head, always from extreme range. We've lost eight refugees and three soldiers to this son of a bitch. We know he must be hiding out in one of the caves up in the mountains, but I don't have enough men to send out looking for him!"
    (Gilles' dialogue)
  53. The Courier: "The Great Khans let the hostages go in exchange for their own freedom."
    Lieutenant Monroe: "My hands are tied. I can't go against orders... can I?"
    (Lieutenant Monroe's dialogue)
  54. Great Khan supply cave
  55. The Courier: "Where can I find the rest of the Great Khans?"
    Melissa Lewis: "Our main camp is up in Red Rock Canyon, but we don't allow just anyone to come on in. The NCR can't touch us there - too many places for us to ambush them. We see their scouts poking around once in awhile, but they keep their distance."
    (Melissa's dialogue)
  56. The Courier: "Because the NCR is the best hope for long-term stability in the region, not Caesar."
    Papa Khan: "Don't you dare mention the NCR under this roof. They are butchers without honor, killers of women and children!"
    (Papa Khan's dialogue)
  57. The Courier: "What's going on in Westside?"
    Motor-Runner: "I try to keep my people out of Westside. Apart from trying to stay on good terms with the Khans, who do business there. There's Mean Son of A Bitch."
    (Motor-Runner's dialogue)
  58. Why Can't We Be Friends?


  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.458: "2278 Following the abduction and killing of four soldiers, NCR troops assault the Great Khans' settlement at Red Rock Canyon and massacre several dozen men, women, and children. This event goes unreported in NCR press."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide; Behind the Bright Lights & Big City) Note: The Guide states that Red Rock Canyon, rather than Bitter Springs, was attacked by the NCR.
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    Since the Bitter Springs massacre, the tribe has aspired to little more than survival and isolated, petty acts of vengeance on the occasional NCR citizen or deserter. The arrival of a Legion emissary, Karl, has changed this. Papa Khan, the tribe's leader, wants to believe Karl's assurances that the Great Khans will be absorbed intact by the Legion, assuming an honored place as one of its elite cohorts. To lead the assaults on Hoover Dam and the Vegas Strip would make for fine acts of vengeance. The rest of the Great Khans are not so convinced.
    Much as they want to exact revenge on the NCR and Mr. House's Three Families, they know that they lack the strength to do so. Indeed, they believe it is only a matter of time before their enemies track them down, and that the Great Khans would be unlikely to survive such a confrontation. The looming conflict between Caesar's Legion and the NCR and the message from Karl offers the possibility of a new way forward."
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  3. All Roads, p.14:
    Khan 1: "So who's paying the caps for this job?"
    Khan 2: "Heard it's raider work."
    McMurphy: "Some big shot from Vegas. And it's not raider work, it's work."
  4. All Roads, p.18-19:
    Jessup: "This courier wrong you?"
    Benny: "It's not the courier I want as much as what they're carrying."
    Jessup: "Sounds valuable."
    Benny: "Only to me."
    Jessup: "This courier -- traveling with a caravan? Any body-guards?"
    Benny: "Not a one. Draws less attention to the package."
    Jessup: "So what, this courier'll just give it to us?"
    Benny: "I'd rather our involvement not be known. Leaving the victim alive makes that difficult."
    Jessup: "I know who you are, knew as soon as I saw the suit. You got plenty of boys for this job, yet here you are, talking to us. Khans don't kill for Vegas caps, not like this. Tell him, McMurphy. It ain't the Khan way."
  5. All Roads, p.28:
    Jessup: "Oh shit. This isn't gonna end well--"
    Benny: "--For him. Don't draw attention to us. We get away clean."
    Jessup: "No fucking way. McMurphy? That's Chance down there."
    Jessup: "Fuck this -- if I'm the only Khan here, I'm dying with him."